Dogs of the Week: Pit Puppies!

We have a plethora of Pit Bull Terrier pups and we’re sure one would love to come home with you!

Pit Puppy 3

Pit Puppy 2We have ten American Pit Bill Terrier puppies up for adoption. They were born June 23rd and lost their mother when they were just 15 days old. There are five males and five females and all their pictures can be viewed HERE. They are not named so you get to name your puppy! These puppies will be between 50 and 70 pounds at maturity.

We are taking applications now and they will be released to adopters between September 1st and September 15th, when they are 10-12 weeks old. They will be adopted out without being Pit Puppy 7spayed/neutered, but you will be required to spay/neuter before six months of age and provide proof to Last Hope. They are all current on their shots.

For more information about them please contact Roxanne at Applications can be completed HERE.

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Dog of the Week: Tasha


I’m Tasha, a 2 ½ year old 65 pound Rottweiler/German Shepherd mix looking for a long term forever relationship with a wonderful human. When you meet me you will see that my picture accurately represents me, I’m not a Pomeranian posing as a Rottweiler. My age and weight are the real me.

Tasha 2I am as adorable as my picture. Your looks or financial status are not important to me. I just want someone to love. I don’t care if you cheat on me with other dogs, our relationship does not have to be exclusive. I’m willing to share you with another dog. What is important to me is that you are willing to spend time with me. I enjoy playing, walks, and cuddling on the couch in front of the TV. I have no desire to control the remote and won’t whine about which program we watch.

I came to Last Hope from a shelter in Illinois. Compared to the shelter, Iowa is doggy heaven. I’ve got foster peeps, kids, dogs, and cats to play with. The only other thing a girl could ask for is a forever home. I’m spayed and up to date on my shots.

For more information about Tasha, please contact Roxanne at The adoption application can be completed HERE.

Tasha 3

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Dog of the Week: Oliver

Oliver is a great dog in search of a great home to call his own …


Oliver could be the sweetest dog in the world! Even at just two years old, this terrier mix has the ability to adapt to all kinds of new Oliver 2homes. Now it’s Oliver’s turn to have his forever home.

He gets along well with all animals, excluding rabbits and squirrels (he loves to chase them!). He even loves cats and kittens. Oliver also adores people. If you have the time for a belly rub, Oliver has all the love in the world for you. He does not discriminate when it comes to people and he has been around all kinds (kids, women, men, teenagers, etc.). He may just need a few minutes to warm up to some men, but it doesn’t take long!

Oliver is completely house trained and knows how to tell you when it’s time to “go” within minutes of being in a new place. He even has great recall so if his new home does not have a fence he may just need some time on a lead to learn boundaries.Oliver 4

Oliver is the total package when it comes to a canine companion. He is super sweet, smart (knows the sit command), loves to cuddle, enjoys people and playing, and truly just wants to be a part of a family to call his own.

If Oliver sounds like just what you’ve been looking for, fill out an adoption application HERE. Oliver would love to meet you!

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Dog of the Week: Bean

“I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore,” Dorothy said to her little black Toto after the cyclone carried their house through the air from Kansas to Oz. You could say the same thing to Bean, a bigger black dog from Kansas who has been plopped down in the cornfields of Iowa. She took a little more conventional mode of transportation; instead of a flying house she came from Kansas aboard a small plane, courtesy of the Pilots for Paws program which helps deliver animals from high-kill shelters to rescues like Last Hope.

BeanBean is a black lab mix; from her markings she may have a hound in her background. Her coat is short, slick, and shiny, consistent with a lab or hound background. She’s a big girl at 70 pounds, but she’d still like to be a lap dog. She loves people, being very outgoing, and loves being petted. Bean also likes treats, which could be a great motivator when her new family gives her training. She gets along well with other dogs; she’s spent the last two years living with two other dogs on a farm. Bean is three years old, has been spayed, and is current with her vaccinations.

She’d love to met you– wouldn’t you like to meet her too? Dropping an email to can make that happen. You can also fill out an adoption application HERE.

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Dog of the Week: Daisy

The nose knows! Our dog of the week is Daisy who is a black and tan Coonhound mix. Wouldn’t you love to take her home?!

Daisy2Hi, my name is Daisy. I am a hound through and through. I like to follow my nose and I like to be outdoors. I have not had much to brag about in life so far, but I know that will change. I was left by my previous people who left me outdoors all the time. I was covered in ticks but they’re all gone now and I heard my foster people say they are amazed that I tested negative for Lyme disease. I guess I was lucky.

My previous people didn’t teach me how to live in a home, so I am learning that now with my foster family. I am still pretty scared of a lot of these new things and I shy away from them. It will take me some time to get used to things like riding in cars and seeing bicycles go by. I don’t mind cats; I might bark at them or chase them a little, but I don’t mean any harm to them. Because I didn’t have a very good start in life I am LOVING the attention I’m getting now. Because of that I can be a little jealous of any attention paid to other dogs in the house. I’ll learn to share in time, but now I just need my huge attention gap filled. I need someone to teach me how to do the things some of the other dogs I’ve met know, like sit and down. I like to go for walks and don’t pull too much because I need you to introduce me to all these new things. I don’t really like being crated, but at least I’m in a home so I settle down after a little whining. My foster mom says I can be stubborn, but I’m really sweet as pie.

DaisyDaisy is up to date on vaccinations, heartworm negative, and spayed and microchipped. She is quickly learning the housebreaking routine. Daisy needs a patient and consistent home who will teach her how to be a family dog. If you would like more information about Daisy contact The adoption application can be found HERE.



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Dog of the Week: Willow

Looking for an adorable, well-behaved dog? Look no further than Willow! She’ll charm your socks off.


Meet Miss Willow. Willow is a Bassett/Beagle mix with a beautiful reddish-colored coat. Willow has been well taken care of during her life, but now finds herself looking for a home after the make up of her family changed. Willow is very apprehensive of small children. The movements of toddlers especially distress her. Willow truly wants all the attention on her. She does not like to share her person when at home. We think her ideal home would be a single person without children.

Willow 2She is very sweet and will quickly drop and roll over to give almost anyone her belly to rub. You can take her anywhere and she will win over everyone. But at home she will be possessive of her favorite person, so we think it best to have only one person in the home. Willow gets along well with other dogs. She can be a little bossy with other dogs, but she takes corrections from other dogs well when they tell her they don’t like what she is doing. Being a mix of two hound breeds she does have a good sized bark, but it can be controlled.

Willow likes to be outdoors and she would prefer a fenced yard. Willow does like to sleep on the bed with her people which is just part of her wanting to be with you all the time. She would rather be with you, but she is fine at home alone when you do need to leave. She is crate trained, but crating her is not necessary as she is well behaved on her own. Willow is spayed, up to date on vaccinations, and microchipped. She listens well to commands and will sit to wait for her food bowl. Come and meet Willow and she will show you her adorable pose where she sits up on her hips and paws at the air until you pet her. You need to see it.

For more information about Willow please contact or complete an application HERE.

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Dog of the Week: Sadie

Who could resist a face like this? Sadie is a Dachshund mix desperately searching for her forever home. Won’t you give her a chance?



Sadie is an approximately three year old dachshund mix. She is one of the sweetest dogs around. She really likes to form a one-on-one connection with a special person. She is very timid and scared of strangers at first, but once she gets to know you she wants to do nothing but be by your side and Sadie 3snuggle with you!

Sadie is fearful of men at first, but does warm up to them. She would do best in a home where a female would be her primary caretaker. Sadie would also do best in a home with no children or children who are over the age of 12 since she does spook easily. Sadie is kennel trained and completely housebroken. She gets along with dogs and cats with a proper introduction.

Sadie is the sweetest dog who needs a special someone to spend the rest of her life with!

SadieFor more information about Sadie, please contact   The adoption application can be completed HERE.


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Dog of the Week: Elwood

Elwood is an adult, male Boxer mix and he’s a sweetie! Won’t you make some room in your heart and home for Elwood?

ElwoodElwood is good with kids and absolutely loves people. He likes other dogs as long as they behave but he has never been tested around cats. He walks well on a leash and knows basic commands. Elwood even dances around like a true Boxer. He loves to wrestle and play and would love to have a permanent family to play with.

He has been neutered and is up to date on his shots. If you have questions about Elwood you can contact You can also fill out an adoption application HERE.

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Dog of the Week: Elvis

He’s a hunka, hunka burnin’ love and he’s looking for a forever home to call his own…


Elvis is a 10 month old Coon Hound mix that is all bark and no bite. He loves to cuddle up at night or on the couch. He gives great kisses and has the softest ears in the world. If you ask him to go outside to run and play, he will be your best friend. He loves to chase balls and toys and little girls running in the yard. At night he is a bed hog and often insists that he gets hugs before he will let you sleep.

He will chase cats because he wants to play. He currently lives with cats and dogs and likes to bark at both of them to get them to play. Needless to say, the cats are not fond of Elvis, but he is not aggressive, just enthusiastically playful. He could hurt an older cat just by wanting to jump and play.

We kennel him when we are not at home for safety and to aid in house training. He is about 85% house trained and his recall is improving all the time. He needs more leash training. He is up to date on his shots and neutered. And he is the only dog I have ever met that sports his own “guyliner” around his eyes!

For more information about Elvis, please contact You can also fill out an adoption application HERE.

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Dog of the Week: Rita

She may be missing some teeth, but Rita still has a winning smile. She’s a Bichon Frise and Maltese mix and she’s looking for her forever home where she can relax and be loved by her people.

Rita 2

Hello, my name is Rita and I’m what they call a Teddy Bear. Hard to tell now, but I bet when my hair grows out a bit I’ll be a wonderfully fluffy puppy!

Rita I am about seven to eight years young and a happy little thing, weighing about 11 pounds. I am a little timid but getting better each day with the help of my foster mom and all the animals I get to hang out with. I really like to get in the bed and snuggle at night and I sleep well. I like to pretend I don’t like car rides, but really I do like going places and seeing what the world has to offer. After years of breeding puppies and living in a cage, I find the world a little overwhelming but fascinating. I go outside every chance I get and sometimes you will have to come get me and bring me in. My foster mom cannot decide if I’m potty trained yet because we go outside a lot and I do my business out there.

I just had some major surgery with my teeth; they were in bad shape and I don’t have many left, but we like the ones I have and think they give me character (I have had some removed since my picture was taken). I am spayed, have all my shots, and am microchipped.

I am ready to meet you and bring joy with my smiling face! Please contact my foster mom at The adoption application can also be completed HERE.

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