Happy Tails-Virgil

I thought I would share a story Sonia received recently from a prior adopter.


Virgil here was adopted by Chris & Suzi and Sonia recently received this email from Chris. It sounds like things are going well!
Suzi & I have been meaning to do this for some time.
Attached are a few recent pictures of “Virgil”. We’ve left his name un-changed cause it suited him so well (plus, it “carries” well when I’m yelling for him to come home). Virg and his house mate Bindi (another rescue, female GSP from Cedar Bend) are our home/life companions and very much have the run of the place. He adores Suzi and while not “over the top”, Virg is Suzi’s dog.
Virg is now a 70# “wup ass” dog with a loving disposition and a 6’ vertical leap from a standing position! Big & blocky, dower looking all the time, when he wag’s his tail – his whole body wiggles. He’s quite vocal, chips & whines, grunts, etc. and always the guard dog, has a heck of a bark/growl.
He is an absolute rock star with our family including infants and gets along great w/every dog he meets. Cats, squirrels, porcupines – not so good.
Did I mention porcupines?
Virg did a “stomp & chomp” on a porky almost a year ago and some of the hundreds of quills he got struck with are still festering out, including one in the joint of his driver side front paw. Vet is pretty sure the porky didn’t make it but we’re all sure Virg wished he had never meet the porky!     
Suzi & I will watch our finances and try to continue w/periodic donations.
Also, to anyone you might share this e-mail with – NEVER “buy” a dog (or any pet). Adopt from Last Hope! Tended & Loved from Last Hope to Your Home. We’ll never “purchase” a pet again. Too many great options available for rescue to ever consider adding $$ to “the mill”!
Thank you!

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