Sweet Little Scarlet

Scarlet is a sweet 6 month old terrier mix. Every time I stop at the shelter to visit her she wants nothing but love. Lots of kisses and a chance to sit in your lap is all she is after. Someday we hope to find her a loving family to give her just that. But first, Scarlet needs to have heart surgery.

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She came to us about a month ago and Dr. Timmerman at the Vinton Urbana Veterinary Hospital discovered that she had a level 5 (out of 6) heart murmur. Scarlet was taken to Madison Wisconsin to have further tests done. They did an EKG and an Echo-cardiogram. Basically, the valve wall in her heart is very think which makes it hard for the valve to open up as it should. She goes back on the 29th for a follow up visit but they have told us they believe she will be eligible for a balloon valvuloplasty, where they go in an put a balloon in her heart to try to break down the tissue and open up the valve in her heart. 

We are doing a special fundraiser for Scarlet. Please, click here to give if you can. And share with family and friends. Scarlet only wants a chance to find a family that will love her and care for her. Lets pull together and give her that chance.


6 thoughts on “Sweet Little Scarlet

  1. Hi Makala

    There is a fundraising website called Indiegogo. Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids has used it 3 or 4 times in the last couple of years and raised several thousands of dollars for medical bills for some of their dogs.

    There is no start up cost or fees. They charge you a certain percentage of the money you raise. 4% if you reach goal and 9% if you don’t so its important that you set a realistic goal.

    Check it out and see if its something you might be interested in trying.


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