Free Obedience Training

Did you know…

every dog, puppy, cat and kitten are Fully Vetted, Micro-Chipped and Spayed or Neutered before you take your newly adopted pet home from Last Hope?

Did you know….

every time you adopt a dog from Last Hope Animal Rescue, you receive a six week obedience training class, for free?


Yep, you read it right, FREE!!

It’s not really free, I pay an adoption fee…

Generally the fee for dogs and puppies start at $175 and the fee for cats & kittens start at $75, but don’t forget that includes your new pet being fully vetted*, and a FREE six week obedience class.

What does fully vetted mean anyway?

All of our dogs are tested for Heartworm (and treated as needed) and fully vaccinated (including Rabies and Distemper/Parvo).  If the dog or cat had other medical issues when they came into our care, we treat those as well.


Click here to see all of the pets available for adoption from Last Hope Animal Rescue and fill out an application to adopt.

*According to this site, the cost of these vet services alone range from $114-323.

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