Ready to Get Involved?

So we have posted a lot about fostering lately. But say you can’t foster, you have too many pets already, or you live in an apartment and can’t have any. Ever wonder if there are other ways to help our furry little buddies while they wait for their forever homes? 

Of course there are! We are always looking for help, whether it’s an hour once a week, or a daily thing. There are definitely ways to help out. Here are just a few.

Walking Dogs: While many of our dogs are in foster homes we do have a shelter, located near Shellsburg, Iowa, and we also have several dogs at Cedar Run Boarding in Hiawatha. These dogs still need love and attention and a chance to get out of their kennels. If you would like to help walk dogs at Cedar Run contact them and set up a time to come meet the guys and gals. If you would like to come out to the shelter to play with the pooches there email Sonia at

Attending Events: Every month we have adoption events at PetSmart and PetCo on Saturdays from 11-2. (Check out our Calendar of Events to find out when the next one is!) Foster homes often bring their dogs, but yet again, the dogs from the shelter want to get out and meet their forever families too! If you are interested in taking a dog to an event please email Julie at There are many other events through out the year that we can take the dogs to as well so be sure to have Julie add you to our mailing list so you can stay on top of those.

Baking Dog Treats: During the summer months we have many events that require our famous home made dog treats. The pooches love them! If you are able to help bake please contact Lynette at (If you just want to purchase some of these delicious treats for your pup we will be selling them at the NewBo Market and the Cedar Rapids Farmers Market. Find out when on our Calendar of Events.)

Help at the Shelter: While what I’m about to say may not sound like a lot of fun… it still needs to be done. Our shelter is located outside of Shellsburg. Kind of in the middle of no where. When we can have volunteers come out to help clean up after the dogs it is greatly appreciated! Kennels and dog runs need cleaned, blankets and dishes need washed, and dogs need baths. Whether you get a group together and come out on a Saturday or want to stop by and help out on your own we need the help. If you are interested in coming to the shelter to help email Sonia at

See? It doesn’t have to be a full time commitment to volunteer. From an hour in your own kitchen to a Saturday afternoon at the shelter or an event, it’s easy to get involved. And we would love to have you!

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2 thoughts on “Ready to Get Involved?

    • To handle the dogs at events you must be 18. But you are more than welcome to bring them to Cedar Run or the shelter to play with the dogs in the runs there. Its always great to see the kids involved!

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