Dog of the Week – Rusty

Hello everyone!  Happy Friday to each of you.  Welcome to another dog of the week.  This week we are featuring Rusty the Pomeranian.  Here is Rusty to tell you a little more about himself…

Hi my name is Rusty! My foster mom says that I have an inquisitive look on my face because I am very smart and curious for my age. I am not sure about how old I am, but I heard my foster mom say she thinks I am about 10 or 11 yrs old. Being the true Pomeranian that I am, I have a cute, little “curly Q” tail that wiggles when I am happy or entertained. I am a very friendly dog, I like everyone I meet and I am sure to greet everyone I see with a little tail wag and if you let me I will even try to sneak in a kiss or two. I like to make friends with other dogs and cats, but I am not too keen on wanting to play with them, only because I do not see very well and I sometimes mistake their playfulness as something scary. In my former home, I was the only dog so I wasn’t use to all the attention my foster sisters give to me! Now, my foster sisters and I are pals and we all try to cuddle at night in the same bed. I’ve really made myself at home!

I love to go outdoors and get excited when I get asked if I want to go potty. I wander around the back yard smelling everything and I am getting excited for the warmer weather. I really need a fenced in backyard, because as I said, I do not see so well and I would probably wonder off and unintentionally get lost. My foster mom carries me up and down stairs because I lose my balance and will fall down. That’s ok though, because I really like to be held. I love going for rides and I am an excellent passenger in the car, if I get too tired I just take a nap. I am also great on a leash and will go anywhere you want to take me. My most favorite thing in the whole world is a treat. I hear the word “treat” and my heart begins to flutter! My foster mom gives me these fabulous peanut butter treats that are just to die for!

Now I must tell you my only bad habit, when there is a thunderstorm I am a mess. Most of the time I am just a fun loving, cool and collected handsome fella, but when a thunderstorm is in the area I go ballistic. I pant heavily and do some crazy things so I will probably need some medicine that will help calm my nerves during a storm. Otherwise, I am an excellent doggy. I am very well potty trained. I know what the word potty means. I have virtually no accidents and have been able to wait to go potty for up to 9 hours when my foster mom comes home from work. I adapt very easily to any schedule and whatever is going on around me. I get very thirsty at times but that is because my foster sisters keep me active when we are in the backyard. I can do some really cute tricks too like sit and stay and I will sit up for treats. Oh, and when you are talking to me, I will tilt my head to the side and listen to you very intently.

I so very much want a forever home with you, won’t you please consider it? I promise to be a good boy and snuggle up with you on your couch and every once in awhile give you kisses. I am so easy to take care of and love and I want so much to share my love with you! If you think I would be a good match for you and your family please fill out an application on me. I just know I would be a welcomed addition to your home.

If you are interested in this cuddly little guy or any of our adoptable dogs, click here to fill out an application to get the adoption process started.

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Photographic Support

This week I want to give a shout out to Carl Bromberg, of Visions Photography. Carl takes time out of his day to help the animals in need. He is an amazing photographer and has a way of capturing an animal’s soul. He also fosters for Last Hope and helps out at many events (camera in tow). I’m going to keep it short today and leave you with some photo’s that Carl has taken of adoptable pets at Last Hope Animal Rescue.  If you are looking for a way to include your furry family members in your family photos give Carl a call! (If your looking for a new furry family member give us a call!)

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Why I will always adopt

A little over 9 years ago…

…my husband and I unknowingly started what was a lifelong learning experience.  We were newlyweds and recently bought our first home.  We wanted so badly to buy a dog to have in our first home…it was one of the reasons we wanted to buy a home instead of rent, so we could have a dog in the house.  I wanted a little dog like a Yorkie – my husband wanted a bigger dog.  So, we hit the paper’s classified ads to see what was available.  Being young, newly married and the fact that I am just plain frugal, I about fell off my chair when I saw the price of a Yorkie or a Shih Tzu!

Then we noticed the ads for beagles.  Only $85 for a pure bread beagle.  And they were so cute!!  So we hopped in our car and drove to the breeder and picked out the “cute one with the spots”  hiding in the corner.  We didn’t do any research on puppies, beagles or anything in between.  Our dog, Sully was with us for 9 years before we lost him to a spleen tumor and cancer this past February.  He was our first child, and broke us in pretty well.  He was kind of like the beagle version of Marley in a way.  He was naughty well past the puppy stage.  We had our garbage locked in an oak garbage can holder with a baby lock made for refrigerators, he broke out of his wire kennel and set off our security alarm while I was at work, he ate everything in sight whether it was eatable or not, I found  him on the kitchen counters on a regular basis, he got car sick, didn’t get along with other dogs or strangers…I could go on and on

….but we loved him and miss him daily.

What have I learned from all of this.  Despite his naughtiness, we really do LOVE beagles and can’t wait to have another one in the house.

Sweet Sully

I am so thankful…

Although we didn’t adopt the first time around, we did purchase from a responsible breeder.  One mom, one dad who had free run of the farm and had a great shelter in the barn.  I am so relieved we did not support a puppy mill in our ignorance of not knowing any different.

Why I will adopt all future dogs…

Volunteering with Last Hope and being a foster home has opened my eyes to the HUGE need for adopting animals.  Also, having Sully for the last 9 years has given me a laundry list of “wants” for my next dog – must get along with other dogs, must like car rides and must do ok with strangers in my house.  If I bought a puppy from a breeder, how would I know if all of these things were assets to this dog?  I wouldn’t!  Adopting from a shelter gives us the opportunity to find the perfect dog for us!  I love fostering for Last Hope, but I can’t wait for the perfect beagle to become available. And since he or she will get along with other dogs, I can continue to foster as well!

Mickala sigEditor’s Note: Before this posting even had a chance to be published, we began fostering the perfect beagle that had everything we were looking for.  After having him for about two weeks, we decided to adopt him.  Watch for a future post for more details 🙂

Dog of the Week – Morgan

Time for your weekly dog fix!  This week we are featuring Morgan as our dog of the week.  Morgan can’t wait to find her forever home!

Hi! My name is Morgan and I’m looking for  a new home! I’m between 1 and 2 years old, they’re not really sure and I’m not telling. But I definitely have a lot of puppy in me still! I would love a yard to run and play and a friend to cuddle up with at the end of the day.  Because I am a big dog and have lots of energy I could really use some training.  With my adoption you will get 6 free training classes at Cedar Run Boarding in Hiawatha.  Training would help both of us get to know each other and communicate better and let me be the best dog I can be.

Look at that happy dog, with a smile in every picture!  If you would like to adopt Morgan or any of our adoptable dogs, click here to fill out an application.  Mickala sig


My Adoption Experience

My adoption experience is what led to me getting involved in rescue.  I went from adopting my dogs, to walking dogs at the shelter, to being a foster lead (which sometimes feels like a full time job:) ) I love what I do and my reward is as simple as the

First time home buyers, we had to get a dog!

My husband and I stumbled on to Last Hope by accident. We were looking for a dog to keep me company when we moved into our new home while my husband was working nights. We always had dogs when I was growing up, Andy’s family did too. I couldn’t imagine buying a house and not opening it up to a furry family member. Andy decided that we should get a German Shorthaired Pointer. Last Hope happened to have one at the time. We took Nash home with us for the day. Unfortunately (after several conversations with Sonia this year I can now say fortunately, he landed in her home and seems to be nothing but trouble. 🙂 ) things didn’t work out with us and Nash. When we took him back we talked to Sonia for a while about what we were looking for in a dog. She had just the dog for us! She introduced us to Dewey the next week. We took him for a day and I immediately fell in love. This really was the perfect dog for us.

One more won’t hurt 🙂

Of course, I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut while we were there. I had to ask Sonia about a beagle that they had listed on their website. After all, Andy had always wanted a beagle. (He’s definitely the hound person in the family.) “Well” she said, “he just got adopted. But, we just got a 8 week old puppy that came in as a stray.” So, we went in and met Shortcake. Of course, we couldn’t let the poor dog keep Shortcake as a name so once I talked Andy into a puppy the first step was to come up with a name. With my sisters help we settled on Jesse. When we met Jesse she had very little fur. She came in with mange. Sonia explained to us that with 2 more weeks of treatment she would be good to go. That was perfect timing! We were moving into our new house in 3 weeks.

After the papers were signed


We were just getting settled in when Jesse started to loose her fur again. I called Sonia and we settled on taking Jesse back to the vet to check her mange again. Sonia offered me medication to help treat and was very supportive and helpful through the whole process. She is very knowledgeable about the animals and was a great resource when I had questions. After a couple more months of treatment Jesse looks like a normal dog! Fur and all! And now, after 2 years, I still couldn’t imagine our home without our fur babies. Jesse and Dewey love each other and I couldn’t imagine one without the other. They complement each other so well!

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Fundraising Efforts

You have seen our pleas for your monetary donations to help cover the costs for Prancer’s Wheelchair and Scarlet’s heart surgery.  Thank you to everyone who made a donation or shared our requests with your friends.  We could not do what we do for these animals without everyone’s help.

Currently we have raised about $625 of our $700 goal for Prancer’s Wheelchair (we’re so close) and about $750 of the $4500 needed to cover Scarlet’s surgery.  We have added a few thermometers to the side bar of this blog so you can see our progress toward both of these goals.

Thanks again to all of our supporters.  Please continue to pass on the word to friends and family so we can reach our goals!

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