0818131301aRiver is sweet Wire Haired Pointer who was picked up along the Wapsi as a stray a couple weeks ago. A group canoeing down the river found her and were able to bring her to the next camp grounds. Luckily for River, one of our volunteers was camping that weekend. She called me as soon as she found out what was going on to see if we could help this poor, skinny girl. “Of course” I said, “bring her home with you.” We talked for a while and decided that River would need to go to the vet ASAP. She was missing hair in several areas, extremely skinny, and favoring her front let quite a bit. First thing Monday morning I was able to get her into the Vinton Urbana Veterinary Clinic.   Much to my surprise, and I think the vets as well, the missing hair was not from a flea allergy dermatitis or even mange.  The vet believes that they are several week old burn scars. And the lump on her shoulder, causing her to limp, well… the original theory was buckshot. Luckily (again) that wasn’t the case. After x-rays it was determined that it was only soft tissue damage.  Not that that really makes her lucky, but I at least, was very relieved to hear she hadn’t been shoot in addition to her burns.


For now River is spending her days making trouble at the shelter; from breaking out of her kennel to digging in the trash, she’s keeping us all on our toes.  But she’ll make up for the trouble with a quick hello and an innocent request for attention. J Her body may have been weak, several weeks fending for herself on the river makes for a hard time. But her spirit was never broken. We may never know where she came from or what happened that she ended up scarred and alone, but we can assure that she wherever she ends up, she will be loved and cared for and never have to fight for herself in the wilderness again.

I personally want to say thank you to those canoers who brought her down the river and to the volunteer who brought her in. She’s such a sweet girl and she deserves a chance at life. She may always be looking for something fun to get into but with proper training she will make an amazing pet. And now she’ll have that chance again.crystal sig

Dog of the Week: Tucker

Hello Last Hope Friends! I don’t know about you, but it has been a LONG week and I am so glad it is Friday.  I’m super excited to bring you this week’s Dog of the Week.  This little guy and his friend we will be featuring next week hold a special place in my heart.  They were the first two dogs I fostered when I signed up to be a weekend foster.  This week, I would like to introduce you to Tucker!

Tucker is a 7 year old Maltese. He was a surrender from a breeder.  When Last Hope got him, he had to have what teeth he had pulled and also had a broken lower jawed, which had to be wired shut.  It was a rough beginning, but he is all healed up now and is a healthy 7 pound dog! He is neutered and up to date on his shots.

Tucker is learning what it takes to be a house dog and is diligently working on his house training.  He does very well on a leash, riding in a car, and kennels when needed.  He can be shy at first and a bit skittish. But once he gets to know you will greet you excitement and little puppy kisses.   He loves being held and gets along very well with other dogs and children of all ages.

Here are some pictures I took when Tucker and his pal Missy were at my house.

If you are interesting in adopting Tucker or any of our wonderful adoptable dogs, please click here to fill out an application and start the process.  Come back next week to meet Tucker’s buddy, Missy.

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Walker came to us a couple weeks ago. He’s you’re typical coon hound, a little bit vocal and very loving and intelligent. All the pictures are through the fence because as soon as I came in with him all he wanted was to sit in my lap and lick my face. 🙂 He’s only about 18 months old and has already had a hard start, but that doesn’t stop him from giving his all and loving fully.

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Walker broke his leg while hunting. He got hung up in a fence and was taken to the vet. After he returned home he chewed off his cast and was never taken back in. His leg never had a chance to heal correctly. He is currently scheduled to go in for surgery in Des Moines on the 26th. The will fuse the bones in his ankle. Because he is so young there is a good chance he won’t even have a limp after he heals.

Here is where we need your help. We need both a home for Walker to recover in and the funds to help cover his surgery. If you can open up your home and foster Walker during his recovery please fill out a foster home application here. It will be an 8-10 week recovery and he will have to be kept calm. (As much as is possible with a young coon hound 🙂 ) As for the costs, his surgery will cost between $1,500 and $1,800. You can donate on our website, here. Just specify “Walker” as the recipient of the funds.

We’re hoping for a full recovery for Walker. He’s a great boy and deserves to live a great life! Check back for updates!

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Dog of the Week: Ruby Sue

Happy Friday Last Hope friends!  This week, we are featuring Miss Ruby Sue as our Dog of the Week. Ruby Sue is a sweet dog who would like to have a home of her own with a warm, soft place to sleep and people who see what a special dog she is.

If you would like to meet Ruby Sue or any of our adoptable dogs, click here to start the process by filling out an application.

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Happy Tails: Quincy

We received a wonderful email from Kurt sharing his Happy Tails adoption story.  I love that Last Hope was a part of this story!

We had lived in the country for around 19 years.  For about 15 of those years we had a Golden Retriever named Max.  He roamed the farm and watched over his realm.  He was an amazing dog.  Long and short there was a group that came through our area and stole a few dogs from the local farms and unfortunately Max was one of them.  We pursued all avenues to find him and track down the people who took him to no avail.  We lived on my wife’s family farm and my father-in-Law asked that we not get another outdoor dog nor did he want us to have an indoor dog.  We of course had some barn cats which were great but, just not the same as a dog – especially a Golden.  We respected my Father-in-laws wishes but, of course were not happy.

Fast forward to January of this year and we closed on our first home and moved in.  After settling in for a month we decided it was time to get a dog.  We adopted a lab/mix from the Iowa City Animal Shelter.  Within 24 hours we all had terrible symptoms and appeared to be allergic to him.  We took him back the next day and cleaned the house very well.  After having some work done to the house, we decided to try a Terrier as someone told us they may work for us.  We found a great Terrier mix and adopted him from Safe Haven in Marengo.  Unfortunately after 3 days my son and my wife were having terrible allergic reactions to him.  Of course we took him back right away.
We decided to look into other options for us and began talking with our doctors, vets, researched on the internet, etc.  We found out that the best dog for us would be a Poodle, Maltese, Bichon, Basenji, or similar dogs because they don’t have the same allergens as other breeds.  I heard about Last Hope from a mutual friend and reached out via email on the website.  Within a day or so i was contacted about Quincy a Poodle/Maltese mix that was in a foster home here in Iowa City. We got together, went through all the steps and adopted Quincy a few weeks ago.
quincyQuincy fit rights in with us.  It’s as if he was here all along.  He loves going for walks which gives me the extra exercise I need.  He has a love hate relationship with his kennel.  Sometimes he walks right in and other times he makes us put him in.  Never whines.  Loves to play and wrestle.  I think he has adopted me as his brother.  It’s weird he follows me everywhere but, never like to sit in my lap.  Now our son, on the other hand, they love sitting together and watching tv or playing video games.  Of course Quincy never wins! (ha ha ha)  We are still finding the right potty schedule outdoors but he’s only had a couple of accidents.  He is training us as much as we are training him.  It’s funny how other dogs we have had only want to please us.  With Quincy he does things that please him!  He is very independent, bull headed, ad is a little crazy at times, but he has a great personality.  Like I said he fits right in with us.  At times seems to miss having another dog around to chase but, so far my son and I have filled the role well enough.  I think eventually we may have to adopt a second dog as a partner for him.
As I type this, my son and Quincy are chasing each other; and now playing tug of war!
He is pretty much the perfect dog for us.  He has filled our home for sure.
Thank you to last Hope, you, and Sandy for saving Quincy.  The work you all do is awesome and so worthy.  I appreciate your dedication and service to our communities. I only hope others can have the same experience as we have.  The process of finding Quincy, visiting Quincy, allowing us to have him overnight, and then the final adoption – all I can say is that was seemless, fun, professional, and you are all very thorough.  Yes it took a bit longer for the entire process but, that’s ok.  You were doing the rights things for us and Quincy.  For all that I thank you all.
Truly Quincy, fills our house with love and affection.  He is the family member we missed and needed.
It looks to me like Quincy feels like a King in his new home.  What a sweetie and such a great story.  Thanks Kurt for sharing with us!  We love receiving updates, so if you have a Happy Tail you would like to share, please email us at lasthoperescueblog@gmail.com
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Again thank you to Last Hope.

Dog of the Week: Lucy

Welcome to the start of another weekend…you made it through another work week!  Hard to believe school will be starting again soon! 

This week, we are featuring the beautiful Lucy!  You owe it to yourself to meet Lucy, her “wiggle” and smile will brighten your day. She loves walks, car rides and (most of all) belly rubs while laying next to you. She has wonderful manners and will do anything for a treat. An all around great people dog, she would be good with children. This princess would prefer to the only dog in your castle.

If you would like to meet Lucy or any of our adoptable dog, you can start the process by filling out an Adoption Form.

See you back here next Friday for the next featured pup!Mickala sig

Lois’ One Year Anniversary, 8th Birthday!

Sonia received this email this week from Laci, who adopted Lois one year ago. Lois was a puppy mill dog and it sounds like she’s come a long way in her new home!

Dear Last Hope Rescue,Lois
Today we’re celebrating Lois’ belated 8th Birthday (7/25/2005), and the one year anniversary of her adoption! We love her so much and she’s made such huge strides. She came to us scared of her own shadow, and now has blossomed into a spoiled (but very loved!) brat who carries her treat bag around! She knows how to manipulate us into a treat every morning, squeeze her wiggling body into any group of people and steal everyone’s attention, and demand our affection. We love her so, so much and I can’t imagine our lives without her “helicopter tail,” constant howling, and big feet constantly stepping on us. We can’t say enough how much we appreciate Last Hope Rescue and their rescue of Lois, Gladys, and Blossom. You guys rock!
With love,
Marcie, Laci, Tom, Lois, Sebastian, Tegan, Earl Jean The Turtle Machine, Sophia, Cletus, and MiMi
And in response to Sonia’s request for permission to post this Laci added a few things. 🙂
We’re so proud of the strides she’s made. She now walks on a leash, knows basic commands, is a therapy dog in training, and loves visiting nursing home residents. She’s learned to bark about 5 months ago, and now barks all the time (we’re working on this, but she’s too cute to discipline sometimes!). We just can’t thank you guys enough for rescuing her and bringing her into our lives.
I was just starting out when Lois was adopted, so I never got the chance to meet her. But I’ve seen the dogs that come out of puppy mills, and trust me, it’s not pretty. Lois is one very lucky girl to have found such a loving, caring family! We love receiving updates, so if you have a story you would like to share, please email us at lasthoperescueblog@gmail.com.
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