0818131301aRiver is sweet Wire Haired Pointer who was picked up along the Wapsi as a stray a couple weeks ago. A group canoeing down the river found her and were able to bring her to the next camp grounds. Luckily for River, one of our volunteers was camping that weekend. She called me as soon as she found out what was going on to see if we could help this poor, skinny girl. “Of course” I said, “bring her home with you.” We talked for a while and decided that River would need to go to the vet ASAP. She was missing hair in several areas, extremely skinny, and favoring her front let quite a bit. First thing Monday morning I was able to get her into the Vinton Urbana Veterinary Clinic.   Much to my surprise, and I think the vets as well, the missing hair was not from a flea allergy dermatitis or even mange.  The vet believes that they are several week old burn scars. And the lump on her shoulder, causing her to limp, well… the original theory was buckshot. Luckily (again) that wasn’t the case. After x-rays it was determined that it was only soft tissue damage.  Not that that really makes her lucky, but I at least, was very relieved to hear she hadn’t been shoot in addition to her burns.


For now River is spending her days making trouble at the shelter; from breaking out of her kennel to digging in the trash, she’s keeping us all on our toes.  But she’ll make up for the trouble with a quick hello and an innocent request for attention. J Her body may have been weak, several weeks fending for herself on the river makes for a hard time. But her spirit was never broken. We may never know where she came from or what happened that she ended up scarred and alone, but we can assure that she wherever she ends up, she will be loved and cared for and never have to fight for herself in the wilderness again.

I personally want to say thank you to those canoers who brought her down the river and to the volunteer who brought her in. She’s such a sweet girl and she deserves a chance at life. She may always be looking for something fun to get into but with proper training she will make an amazing pet. And now she’ll have that chance again.crystal sig

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