Napoleon is another sweet boy who came from the confinements of a puppy mill, with little to no veterinary care or nutritional considerations from his care takers. He, like all the others, had many of his teeth removed and desperately needed some love and care to help him come out of his shell.  

NapoleonNapoleon was my first foster dog. He had been purchased, along with 30 other dogs, from a puppy mill auction in Kalona. Like most of them, he had to have all of his teeth pulled due to poor nutrition and no dental care. But what a cutie pie! Another foster cared for him for the first month or two and had socialized him a little, but he was still struggling.  He didn’t really know how to be a “dog”.  He wanted for nothing. He didn’t know how to play with any toys and just wanted a soft spot to sleep at night. He circled my dining room table continuously during the day, not knowing what to do with his nervous energy. If you wanted to pick him up, you kind of had to corner him, where he would cower submissively. So, my work with him as a foster focused on building his self confidence. And he blossomed! He was such a brave little guy. I challenged him to keep his tail up (he would normally fold it under his belly) and taught him how to accept love and attention. He had never been on a leash before so we started from scratch. I literally moved every leg for him a few steps at a time as he stood, frozen, with anxiety. People would even stop their car and ask, “is everything ok”? We must’ve looked pretty pathetic! Eventually, with a lot of encouragement, Napoleon figured it out and starting enjoying walks. I was so proud of him! I’m happy to say he’s now with his forever family who loves him dearly. He gets showered with attention all day long and has even started playing with a few toys!  Watching Napoleon’s transformation into a happy, confident little guy (who wags his tail now!) was amazing to watch. I’m so honored to have been a part of it!

And an update from Napoleon’s new home! It’s always great to hear these stories!

My mother and I adopted Napoleon and he is doing so well. He is happy, content, loves to sit on our laps and go everywhere we go. He jumps all around and goes in circles when we come home he is so excited to see us. Right now he is resting on the couch in the sun where he love to sun him self when the sun comes in!!!! He is completely potty trained on puppy pads indoors, he never has any accidents, he never barks except to say hey don’t leave me here lol that isn’t very often.

Napoleon 3

We seriously do not know what we would do without him. He loves us so, sleeps in our bed, eats all day long, and loves his new Tigger Sweater. Just the other day we found out he loves to play with washcloths so he now has one of those to chew on when he wants to play.
We do not know what it was like not having him with us. I wish we could have two because I’d adopt his little girlfriend Petunia too.
We did not rescue Napoleon (Popie) he rescued us!!!!!
 Check out to help us reach our goal and continue to help dogs like Napoleon find their happy endings. 
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