Roxy came to us from a small shelter where her chances of being adopted were slim. We moved her to a foster home and with a little TLC and training she soon found her forever home!

00020Roxy was at a shelter for almost 6 months before I got her as a foster, then I had her for about 6 months.  She was picked up as a stray and had to be shaved on intake there because she was extremely matted and was loaded with fleas.  She is a Pomeranian mix and was estimated to be around 8 years old, deaf but very lovable little girl, hard to believe it took so long for her to get adopted.  She was very sweet and lovable, loved to curl up in your lap and follow you around the house.  Deaf dogs are just like any other dog, you just have to teach them hand signals instead of verbal commands.  She picked up on those really quick, very smart little girl.  She is now with a very loving family with two children that just adore her!  🙂



To help dogs like Roxy, who’s chances in local shelters may be slim, visit
and donate today!

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