Perdi came to us as a breeder surrender. She spent her first week in the vets office,struggling to eat, not walking. Many tests were run, many theories put out there. In the end it was determined that Perdi wasn’t eating simply because it hurt her to do so. Her teeth were in such bad condition, rotting out and never cared for. Her dental surgery was scheduled and she had many of here teeth removed. We also found that she had a urinary tract infection so bad that it hurt her to walk. She started treatment immediately. She was moved into a foster home and the next morning, much to her fosters delight, she took her first steps while in Last Hope’s care. We have found that she has some hip issues from being confined in a small space but she’s not letting that stop her now.

Purdi 2

For all that she’s been through in the short time Perdi has been with us she is one happy little girl. She loves to be held and her tail never stops wagging.

Yet another puppy mill victim, Perdi is slowly coming out of her shell thanks to to volunteers at Last Hope. She is excited to start the new year and find herself a new forever home.

To help support dogs like Perdi donate today at In 2014 Last Hope Animal Rescue hopes to raise awareness of Iowa Puppy Mills and end the horrible treatment dogs like Perdi receive in confinement. We can’t do that without your help!

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