Retire the Vet Debt Update Special

So many of my loyal readers may be looking at all these stories about dogs that we’ve helped and wonder, “What about Scarlet and all the others featured through out the year? Where are they today?”. Well today I’m here to answer those questions. 



Scarlet’s surgery was not as successful as we had hoped. But if you met her today you would never know it! She is all puppy (and all trouble if you ask Sonia)! She is living with our director and tearing it up with the other dogs in the house. She gets the love and attention she deserves. Every time I stop by I see that sweet, happy face and wagging tail and remember all the hard work and long drives to Madison that Sonia put in with this girl. We continue to watch for other options and pray that Scarlet will have a long, happy life. Its hard not to fall for this sweetie! There’s been talk of moving her into another foster home or even putting her up for adoption, but with how much Sonia loves this girl, she may have already found her forever home.


Walker, now Dexter, came to us in need of surgery. Just this month he had his second surgery to help repair his improperly healed broken leg. Back in August Dexter went to Des Moines and had a plate and screws put in his leg to correct the break.  During his recovery Dexter’s foster home noticed he still seemed to be in pain. After a few more vet visits it was found that the screws in his leg were rubbing against his bone. His surgery this month was to remove all the hardware that was causing him pain. He is currently recovering in his foster home. We hope it goes better this time around!



Shortly after my original post on River we received an email inquiring about her availability. A couple drove up from Muscatine to meet her after hearing her story. While at the shelter they also met Aggie, or Agnus, a shepherd mix who had hit it off with River. They fell in love with both and in early October their adoption was finalized. Every once in a while I’ll get an update from their new family. As you can see, River seems to have regained some of her fur and put on a little weight. Her and Agnus are both very spoiled! Both love to play outside and River is in heaven with the snow! Her new family thinks that River has had training before, she is house trained and goes into her kennel on command. While we’ll never know where she came from or how she ended up on the river in such bad shape it’s great to see her where she is today!

Shine & Kimber

KimberShine Shine and Kimber were my first rescue. Both were suffering from horrible, untreated cases of mange. Today they are still at our shelter, and still on medication. But both girls have regained much of their fur and are ready for their foster or forever homes. They are close to the end of their treatment, after almost a year. Each time I stop by the shelter I make sure to stop in a give each one a special pet. It’s amazing to see the change that has taken place over the past year. They now feel like actual dogs, with fuller coats and healthy skin.

While some of these boys and girls still need a little more TLC before they find their forever homes we won’t be giving up on them. We will be going forward into 2014 with the same goals as this past year. To help as many homeless, abandoned, and needy dogs as we can. Help us start 2014 out of debt and ready to take on a new year by donating here today. 2013 was a record year in intakes and adoptions, with over 250 dogs finding their forever homes with our help. We hope to beat that number in 2014, but we can’t do that without your help! 

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One thought on “Retire the Vet Debt Update Special

  1. Also remember Jasper whom you covered and provided immunization, special food, teeth removal and neuter. Thank you Sonia, staff and all the volunteers and fosters!

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