Happy Tail: Star

Linda and her family adopted Star from Last Hope and shared a great happy tail with us. One thing that struck me when reading this was that they didn’t give up on Dash. Yes, he apparently had his problems, but he was obviously a member of the family and they weren’t going to give up on him.


We have a purebred Lab that we got from a breeder. He had been a real challenge for the first year of his life; one disaster and mishap after another. Some advice we got was to get another dog. The thought of that made my husband crazy. There was no way he was adding to the chaos and stress we had with our Dash. Then one day in May I got a call from him asking if I was busy the next day which was a Saturday. We went back and forth on if this was a surprise and who was this for and why did we all have to go? He finally tells me that he had been on the Last Hope Petfinder page and saw a little girl named Star. She is a Lab mix and her circumstances were touching, as they all are, but this one got to him. He told me that he had already gone and looked at her and filled out all the appropriate paperwork. All we needed to do was introduce her to the rest of the family to see if it’s a match. I started to cry and hurried to the site to check her out.

The next morning we all loaded up and drove out to meet our new girl. I knew instantly she was going home with us. She had been with a disabled couple for the first two years and they were no longer able to care for her. The shelter staff told us that they cried when they dropped her off and wanted to make sure she went to a good family. I could tell they had taken really good care of her. She was smart, minded commands, she was spayed and current on shots, and they’d even had her micro chipped.

That was more than six months ago and I can’t really remember what it was like before she was here. She is a great dog and helped so much with our boy Dash. He has calmed down so much that he is now as much a joy to be around as she is. In a few days we will celebrate Star’s third birthday. My husband, who claims not to be a pet person, even refers to her as his little girl when he’s giving her belly scratches. I can’t thank Last Hope and the Vinton shelter enough for helping to bring Star to us.

– Scott, Linda, Sydnei, Fayde, Dash, and Star Foens

Dash and Star

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With Gratitude


Last Hope would like to say “thank you” to Iowa GymNest and to Kandi and Gwendy. They chose Last Hope as their charity recipients this year for their Winter Wonderland event which was held last weekend at the Marriot in Coralville. They reached out to Last Hope and asked if we would be interested in pairing up with them to raise awareness and donations for the organization. The Winter Wonderland competition included 31 teams with over 600 kids participating. Over the three day event, Iowa GymNest and competition participants raised $385 and collected a car load of dog and cat items including food, toys, treats, kitty litter, etc.

Thanks again to Iowa GymNest for reaching out and providing such a great opportunity for Last Hope and for your efforts for the great animals that are in our care!


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Dog of the Week: Asia

Our dog of the week is the lovely Asia who is patiently waiting for her forever home. Let’s learn a little bit about her.

i1035 FW1.1 i1035 FW1.1

Asia is a young Shepard mix; we believe she is two or three years old. She has lots of love to give and is hoping to find her forever home. She is approximately 50 pounds, housebroken, and good with other dogs. Asia loves to meet new people but does have some trust issues with men. We can only guess what she’s been through in her past, but Asia will warm up to you with patience and love. She would do best in a quiet, calm home. Asia loves attention and does well with children but they should be 10 or older and respectful of animals. She will need a fenced-in yard because she loves to run and play in the backyard. Asia is spayed, microchipped, and up-to-date on all her vaccinations.

If you are interested in learning more about Asia, please contact Kerry at 319-360-2140 or kmd4868@gmail.com. You can fill out an adoption application HERE.

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Happy Tail: Harley

Chris and Melissa share their happy tail about Harley …


In the spring of 2013, we noticed Last Hope was in desperate need of foster homes. We already had a five-year-old Basset/Beagle mix named Murphy that we had rescued two years earlier, but we decided we would give fostering a chance. Even though we knew it would be hard not to get attached, we wanted to help a dog find a loving and forever home. When we saw a picture of this adorable little Beagle named Harley, we just had to help him. We filled out the application and then picked him up on a Saturday morning so we could have him overnight. This was supposed to be a trial run but he’s been here ever since.

A week into having him up for adoption, we got an email saying there was a family inquiring about Harley and that was the moment we knew we wouldn’t be able to give him up. He had already made himself at home and we had fallen in love with him. All of our friends and family gave us a hard time because they knew the minute we picked him up we would be keeping him. I think deep down we knew it, too, but we didn’t want to admit it to ourselves.

So here we are, over six months later and I cannot imagine not having him as a member of our family. Harley and Murphy act like they have been together their whole lives so we know we made the right decision. Although now we are what they call “failed fosters,” we accomplished exactly what we set out to do and that was to find Harley the loving and FURever home that he deserves.


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Dog of the Week: Dexter

Dexter 2 Dexter

Dexter is a Treeing Walker Coon Hound that is about 18 months old. He is very people oriented; he wants nothing more than to be around his family. When at rest he loves to lay on the couch or even in your lap. He loves to sleep in bed with his foster family, too. He is extraordinarily affectionate. He does very well with other dogs in the family as he loves to play. Dexter does very well with going to his kennel but he should be in the same area as other dogs or he gets lonely and will bark. He loves to play and would do very well with a high energy family who can take him for long walks or to the dog park. He loves a fenced in yard that he can run in!

When Dexter was younger someone shut his leg in a kennel door and it was fractured. He’s been through a lot with that leg, enduring an infection and painful surgeries to repair and then removal of the hardware. Because of this, he will sometimes hold his leg up particularly in the cold weather. But, given a bit more time, the doctors assure us he will have a complete recovery.

Dexter has excellent potty habits but has been very stubborn to learn other commands. He steadfastly refuses to sit, although if you say “treat” he will go right to the treat area. He’s no dummy.

Dexter loves kids and grownups alike. Unfortunately, he does not do well with cats as he does see them as something to chase and mouth.

He is a huge love bug and deserves a home of his own. He is neutered and up to date on his shots. If you would like more information about Dexter you can contact caroldoser@hotmail.com. The adoption application can be completed HERE.

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Humane Lobby Day

Napoleon 3

Tuesday is the 2014 Iowa Humane Lobby day. You’ve seen many stories on here of dogs that came from the horrible conditions in Iowa puppy mills {Click on their pictures to read their stories}. Iowa is number 2 in the nation for puppy mills, with nearly 300 puppy mills throughout the state.


It is imperative that we unite to force laws that will protect these animals who are at the mercy of factory breeders. To bring legislation to the floor of the Iowa House, bills have to be allowed to pass through for debate on the floor. No pressure from constituents = no debate and another year of suffering for these dogs. We have to act this year and it is going to take a lot of us.

Please help us make a lasting impression is Des Moines. The Humane Lobby Day is sponsored by Iowa Voters for Companion Animals.


We have a few seats still open! If you are interested in going, please contact Carol Doser, caroldoser@hotmail.com, by noon on Monday, February 17th!

Benny 2

Everyone who is interested in attending needs to go out to this page and register.. even if you have emailed Carol that you are planning on attending. This is how we will track who is attending.  The bus will leave the Cedar Rapids area around 9:30am.  We have a 47 passenger bus so get registered early.. it will fill up quickly!
Thanks and please let Carol know if you have any questions!


It’s going to be a great day!

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Three Signs That a Wagging Tail Means Trouble

Most of the time a wagging tail is a good thing, but not always. Be mindful of these signs that a wagging tail may mean trouble:

1. A slow, low wag: this type of wag can be a sign of insecurity. If a dog is feeling especially fearful, the tail may continue to wag even if it’s tucked between the legs. If you think a dog is feeling uneasy for any reason, be very cautious in introducing a new person or animal.

2. A slow, high wag: on the opposite end of the spectrum, a slow, high wag is often a display of dominance. Caution should be used if a dog is exhibiting this behavior.

3. A wagging tail accompanied by barking: this is often a warning sign of aggression or, at the very least, over-excitement.

Keep in mind that dogs hold their tails at different heights depending on the breed. A broad wag side to side typically indicates a happy pooch, especially if the hips are wiggling with the tail. The best way to tell if a dog’s tail wag is negative or positive is to observe his or her overall body language. Happy dogs generally seem relaxed, are holding their tails at their natural height, and aren’t showing any signs of anxiety or aggression. Of course, the best way to determine if it is a positive or negative wag is to know your dog. Observe your dog’s behavior in different situations so you can better predict their state of mind.

*This was taken from an article found HERE.

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