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Money Well Spent – Retire the Vet Debt 

Over the month of December, Last Hope Animal Rescue ran a very successful campaign to help with our accumulating veterinary bills called the Retire the Vet Debt Campaign. With great success and the many generous donations, we are able to continue helping so many animals. At the end of December we posted a story about Perdi and would like to update you on her status. With her vet bills topping $1,000 we could not have saved her life without generous donations like yours. A great big THANK YOU to all who helped with this cause!

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Here’s a letter from her foster:

Perdi came to us about a month ago as a breeder surrender. She’s six years old and has spent her entire life having babies, stuck in a cage. We got her and we didn’t think she could walk at all. She was urinating blood; we rushed her to the vet where it was found out that she had a very toxic case of urinary tract infection. She ended up having to stay at the vet’s office for seven days. If it weren’t for the doctors and staff at Animal Kingdom in North Liberty, Perdi might not have made it. Thankfully she did. Perdi also had a double ear infection, eye infection, and her hips were in pretty bad shape. In spite of all of her problems, Perdi couldn’t help but wag her tail. You could tell she was thankful.

Perdi was then sent to a foster home. For some reason she wasn’t eating; we tried feeding her high quality canned food and just dry food, she still wouldn’t eat. We then tried feeding her plain kibble like Dog Chow and she still wouldn’t eat. We tried hand feeding her and adding water/canned, etc., still no eating. Then one day she started eating food off the floor. It was then that we realized she wouldn’t eat unless the food was on the floor. After about a week, Perdi’s urinary tract infection cleared up and she was thriving in her foster home, even eating food from a paper plate and then eventually eating from a dog food bowl. A week later, Perdi ended up getting yet another urinary tract infection. Back on meds she went. She’s very stubborn when it’s pill time but she knows it’s only for the better. She doesn’t hold grudges.

Nowadays Perdi likes hanging out with the other pups, playing with kitties, or just laying by the heat vent. Perdi doesn’t really know how to lay on a dog bed quite yet; she’ll lay her head on the bed and the rest of her body will lay on the floor. When it’s time for bed, Perdi thinks it’s time to go to the living room and bark and wait for her foster mom or dad to go out to the living room and pick her up. She loves sunbathing on the couch during the day or likes to try to catch her little curly tail. She loves having her ears scratched and getting lots of hugs and kisses. Perdi is the reason why we work so hard for these dogs; even after all she’s been through she still wags her tail and smiles. She can relax now and live the rest of her life like the princess she is.

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One thought on “Thank You!

  1. So happy to hear how Perdi is doing now, but also sad (and quite disgusted) at how she surely would have died if she were to stay at that awful puppy mill much longer.

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