Dog of the Week: Harrison

A Lhasopoo is a cross between a Lhasa Apso and a Poodle. And they are just as cute as can be! Let’s get to know a little more about Harrison …

Harrison 2

Meet Mr. Harrison, a Lhasopoo that is approximately eight years old. He is about 25 pounds and very cute! He does not shed and has a beautiful black and white soft coat. Harrison came in as a stray from a local shelter and is very protective of his owners. His ideal home would include adults who love to pet him and sit on the couch with him. He does best with children over 12 years old. He would prefer to be the only dog and have lots of attention showered on him.

HarrisonHarrison is housebroken and up-to-date on all his shots. He is also neutered and microchipped. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to have one of the sweetest and most loyal companions ever!

Please contact for more information on Harrison. You can also fill out an adoption application HERE.

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Tips for Training Your Dog

There are many responsibilities associated with having a pet and one of the most important ones is training. Training your dog is important because dogs, like children, need boundaries and to know what is considered good behavior. Dogs that don’t know the rules are often on edge trying to figure out what we want from them. It’s not fair to punish a dog when we haven’t spelled out the rules of behavior. Having a well-trained dog helps build your relationship with him and helps create a harmonious household which is better for everyone. Here are 12 tips to make your training sessions more successful.

#1: TIMING. The number one tip to successful training is timing. If you have great timing you will train faster, more efficiently, and more consistently.

#2: FOOD TRAINING. Use food-based training to establish positive, motivated patterns in your dog. Use their daily food ration to teach them to look to you for leadership, reward, and responsibility. Be careful not to overfeed your dog and don’t use treats that are high in calories or you might create a weight problem.

#3: MOTIVATION. Motivation is more than “good dog.” It is an attitude of motivated behavior. Dogs follow a leader who is fair, positive, and motivates them to perform. Motivation teaches them what is acceptable and what is not. You will achieve more through being motivated than you will through being forceful.

#4: CRATE TRAINING. Crate training is a must. It is not cruel to place a dog in a crate; it plays on denning behavior in animals. It gives your dog time to be calm and quiet and channels their energy when they are working.

#5: STRUCTURE. Structure your dog’s day. Don’t allow them to act inappropriately and then punish them for doing so. Establish patterns for going potty, working for food, walking on a leash, playing with other pets, etc. Think of it as sending your child to school – structure!

#6: REAL WORLD TRAINING. Practice with your dog in real world settings. This means setting a good foundation first and then moving out into the world. Practice at the front door, in the street, at the park, and wherever you like to spend time with your dog.

#7: FOUNDATION. Creating a solid foundation for your dog will teach them what is expected of them. Start with a basic set of rules and add to that.

#8: BABY STEPS. Train in baby steps. Take things slowly. You achieve better results through building on positive behaviors than you will by allowing things to crash and burn.

#9: SET REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS. Rome wasn’t build in a day! It takes time to achieve great results and you need to be realistic in what you expect. Think of training your dog as teaching a small child. They are willing to learn if you are willing to teach.

#10: PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. You cannot expect results without learning to carry out the patterns. You must practice at least a few minutes a day to ensure success. More so, you will find practice will become part of your daily routine. Bring your dog into your world gradually, step by step. Teach them what you like, and what you don’t want, so that they can understand. And practice what you learn.

#11: SEND YOUR DOG TO SCHOOL. The reality is that dog training is like going to school. Learning can be fun if applied in a positive and creative way.

#12: HAVE FUN! Be kind, respectful, and most of all have fun with your dog!

(This information was found HERE.)

Now get out there and start training!

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Dog of the Week: Chico

ChicoSome dogs have special needs but that doesn’t mean they can’t be great pets. Chico is a great example of that. Even though he’s blind he still deserves a forever home.

Hey guys! My name is Chico. I’m a beautiful chocolate-colored guy that’s just as sweet as real chocolate. I haven’t had the best start at life, but I’ve been given the chance to have a better life now. I’m about 70 pounds and I’m blind but the blindness doesn’t hold me back. If you just let me smell your hand and lead the way I’ll be ok. I walk well on a leash as long as you keep it close to you because I don’t like bumping into things too much.

I’ve been hanging out at Cedar Run Pet Boarding and Daycare for a while now and would really like to get into a home so I can just relax. The staff at Cedar Run constantly tell me how handsome I am and that I am such a good boy. I don’t really know how to play with other dogs or cats because I can’t see them so they kind of scare me. I would prefer to go to a home where I’m the only pet. I’m a very muscular guy that loves running around and stretching my legs. Because I can’t see, we would have to make sure your yard is fenced in or that you’ll be able to walk me a lot. I do well in a kennel/crate and I’m even doing well with potty training. I’ve been neutered and am up-to-date on my shots.

I keep busy these days by snuggling with the staff and chewing on rawhides and bones and toys. I love tennis balls and my favorites are rope toys. Those things are amazing! I also like Kongs with treats in them. When it’s time to eat you just have to put the food bowl by my nose and Chico 2slowly set it down as I follow your hand so I know where my food will be. I think once I get home and understand where everything is you won’t have to do that anymore. Wouldn’t that be great?! I love laying on comfy beds and would really like to snuggle with you in your big, comfy bed or on the couch while you watch movies. I’m just a happy guy and can’t wait for my furever people to come find me.

If you are interested in Chico, please contact Sonia at or complete an application HERE.

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Happy Tails: Tuffy

Ryan and Cayla adopted Tuffy in January and he is doing well. Here’s his story…

2013-12-27 18.48.42Tuffy has been doing great and we love having him around! He has really bonded with both Cayla and me and has shown that he is very comfortable in his surroundings. He is beginning to go into his kennel when asked and his car riding has improved immensely. He is also a regular on weekends at the local dog park and has done a great job socializing with both the students who he interacts with and the other dogs that our colleagues have adopted as well. We currently have four dogs living on campus, including Tuffy. I am also happy to say that all of them were adopted through Last Hope!

I also want to thank you all very much for the complimentary obedience training at Cedar Run. It was a great start for us to get Tuffy, Cayla, and me on the right track. We will be taking Tuffy to more training in Iowa City as the drive to Hiawatha made for an incredibly long day for all of us. Even though we won’t be frequenting Cedar Run as much as we used to, I cannot say enough about their staff and the trainers. They were wonderful to us and I know they loved Tuffy and took great care of him.

2013-12-05 21.01.53Tuffy has truly become a member of our family. Cayla was commenting the other day about how he has changed our lives for the better and how we cannot imagine our lives without him. He is an absolute godsend. Thank you again for your assistance and support. We have and will continue to support Last Hope in any way we can. You all do some amazing work.


Ryan and Cayla

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Dog of the Week: Gemma

Gemma’s life started out kind of rough, but she’s on the right track now to find her forever home.Let’s learn a little more about her to see if she might fit in at your house!

GemmaHi, my name is Gemma and I’m about two years old and full of love. I’ve had a pretty rough start at life but I’ve been blessed enough to be rescued and given a second chance. I’ve had some babies in the past but have given that up and decided to get spayed because I want to be the one being pampered. I also got up to date on all of my vaccines.

I’m a very sweet girl. I love giving kisses and love jumping up and wrapping my arms around you to hug you. I enjoy being hugged and kissed back by the way. I know basic commands like “sit” and “wait.” I am working on “lay down” and “shake” but I’ll get it in no time. I’m very smart and even wait patiently for my breakfast and dinner.

Right now I’m camping out at Cedar Run where the staff gives me lots of loving, treats, and kisses! I would really like to have a home to call my own, though. I’d love to be the only pet. I’m working on my potty training but with this Gemma2cold weather it’s kind of hard because I get cold really quickly. See, I’m a little girl weighing in at 40 pounds. I am working on my leash training as well. I do well but sometimes pull because I get excited to go for walks around the place. I’d really like a place with a fenced-in back yard because I love running around with my ears flopping in the air. I think I look cute when I do that.

I’m a pretty laid back gal that’s ready to sprawl out and finally relax. I love belly rubs and rawhides! I take treats gently. If you have kids, no biggie, I’ll take their kisses and even return the favor. I’m probably not good for tiny kids because my tail whips back and forth and I wouldn’t want to accidentally hit them with that thing!

If you are interested in meeting me, please contact Sonia at You can also fill out an application HERE.

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Who is this Julia?

Hello, my name is Julia and perhaps you’ve seen my signature on some blog posts. We thought it might be good if I told you a little bit about myself.

I write for the blog and also create the newsletter for foster families, Foster Focus. I started volunteering for Last Hope about a year ago and really enjoy helping with the communication in the organization. The work that all the volunteers do is so important that I’m honored to be a small part of it.

Daisy HeadAlthough I’m not currently working, in the past I’ve worked as a radio DJ, a college English teacher, in the annuities field, and I’ve also worked with developmentally disabled adults, among other things. I have a BA in English and a master’s degree in information technology. In my free time I enjoy creating greeting cards in my home studio.

My furbaby is a Shiba Inu named Daisy that I rescued from a bad home breeding situation. She’s spoiled rotten now and pretty much runs the household.

Thank you for taking a moment to learn a little bit about me!

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Animal of the Week: Derby the Bunny

We’re taking a little break from Dog of the Week to bring you Animal of the Week! This week we’re spotlighting Derby the bunny who would just love to find his forever home. Could that be yours?


Hi there! I’m Derby and I’m the happiest bunny you could ever hope to meet. I love my food and my space. An experienced bunny handler would be the best fit for me as I like to grunt and swat my front paws at you when you try to get me from my cage. I’m just being silly, I promise. I never, ever bite. I just like people to know my cage is my territory. I love to be held and snuggled, though, once you get me out of my cage. Are you looking for a bunny best friend?

I’ve been neutered and am up to date on my shots. If you would like more information about Derby, please contact or fill out an application HERE.

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