Happy Tail: Bella

This is a great success story about Bella who was adopted earlier this year by Darlene Young and her family. Bella was a puppy mill dog that came from a shelter in Illinois. The first paragraph is from an email sent shortly after Bells was adopted. The second paragraph is a more recent update…

BellaWe have a big wire kennel that we put her in last night at bedtime. As soon as we got up we took her out, at which time she went to the bathroom and we gave her a treat. She has been out twice more and went to the bathroom each time. She is getting comfortable here and has been exploring the house. We are loving this. She spent last evening sitting with me on the couch. Now she just jumps up there whenever she wants. Cannot get her to try the dog bed yet but have it out when she is ready to use it. Yesterday, when she went outside, she found out she can run! It is so much fun to watch her. She is also going up and down two steps when we go outside.

When we decided it was time to get a dog I went on the Internet to find a rescue dog. I came upon the Last Hope Animal Rescue website. I was searching through the stories and pictures and the first one I was interested in was Bella but I continued to look through the dogs; but I kept coming back to Bella. I made arrangements to meet with the person who was fostering Bella. As soon as I saw her I knew she was the one. When she first came to us she was so scared but quickly adapted. Within the first week she was housebroken. She was so fun to watch the first time she went outside and she loved the snow. We do have a fenced in yard so we can hardly wait until spring so we can watch her run all over the yard playing. We have had Bella for a month now and she has brought so much love and joy to us. To see how frightened she was at first and how happy she is now makes our hearts swell. I am so thankful for Last Hope Animal Rescue. I wish everyone would rescue a pet when they are ready to add to their family; it warms the heart!

Thank you for sharing your story, Darlene, and for giving Bella a loving home.

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