Summer Safety for Pets

It looks like winter has taken its final bow and now we need to look forward to the heat of summer. It’s important to keep our furry friends in mind when dealing with the heat. Here are a few tips to keep your animals safe this summer:


  • Summer SafetyNEVER leave an animal in the car in the summer.
  • Pay attention to the heat of the pavement when walking your pet.
  • Keep your pet well hydrated.
  • As animals get more thirsty they may be more likely to drink from   contaminated puddles on the ground – keep your eye on them.
  • Think of ways to keep your pets cool if they are outside. Kiddie pools and chilling pads are popular for this.
  • Keep walks and outdoor play short during hot days.
  • Summer is the season of parasites and bugs. Make sure your pets are protected.
  • Keep your pets off lawns that have been fertilized.
  • Pets can get sunburned, too. Apply special sunscreen for pets to the tips of their ears, the skin around their lips, and on their noses.
  • Do not shave your dogs in the summer – their coats serve as insulation from the heat.
  • Short-nosed dogs have a harder time in the heat because they do not pant as effectively as longer-nosed dogs. It is best to keep them inside in the air conditioning.


Dog of the Week: Elvis

He’s a hunka, hunka burnin’ love and he’s looking for a forever home to call his own…


Elvis is a 10 month old Coon Hound mix that is all bark and no bite. He loves to cuddle up at night or on the couch. He gives great kisses and has the softest ears in the world. If you ask him to go outside to run and play, he will be your best friend. He loves to chase balls and toys and little girls running in the yard. At night he is a bed hog and often insists that he gets hugs before he will let you sleep.

He will chase cats because he wants to play. He currently lives with cats and dogs and likes to bark at both of them to get them to play. Needless to say, the cats are not fond of Elvis, but he is not aggressive, just enthusiastically playful. He could hurt an older cat just by wanting to jump and play.

We kennel him when we are not at home for safety and to aid in house training. He is about 85% house trained and his recall is improving all the time. He needs more leash training. He is up to date on his shots and neutered. And he is the only dog I have ever met that sports his own “guyliner” around his eyes!

For more information about Elvis, please contact You can also fill out an adoption application HERE.

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Millie’s Happy Tail


Mary and her family adopted Buttons (now Millie) from Last Hope and gave us a brief update on their new family member.

Millie 2

Millie 3Just a note to let you know we adopted Millie, formerly Buttons, from Last Hope Animal Rescue. Kris Larson was her foster mom.
We have had Millie two weeks today and we are so happy with her, and she has made so much progress in the last two weeks. She is walking on a leash and she goes potty outside more often now. She still has accidents in the house at night, but it is in the kitchen/dining area.

We are so happy with her and we really appreciate all of the time Kris has spent making sure we were a good match, and we have been in contact every day. She is a wonderful person. Here are some photos of our little Millie. We discovered that she loves to have her picture taken and is quite a little ham! Kris made the little blue and pink blanket and embroidered her name on it.

Puppies Playing

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Dog of the Week: Rita

She may be missing some teeth, but Rita still has a winning smile. She’s a Bichon Frise and Maltese mix and she’s looking for her forever home where she can relax and be loved by her people.

Rita 2

Hello, my name is Rita and I’m what they call a Teddy Bear. Hard to tell now, but I bet when my hair grows out a bit I’ll be a wonderfully fluffy puppy!

Rita I am about seven to eight years young and a happy little thing, weighing about 11 pounds. I am a little timid but getting better each day with the help of my foster mom and all the animals I get to hang out with. I really like to get in the bed and snuggle at night and I sleep well. I like to pretend I don’t like car rides, but really I do like going places and seeing what the world has to offer. After years of breeding puppies and living in a cage, I find the world a little overwhelming but fascinating. I go outside every chance I get and sometimes you will have to come get me and bring me in. My foster mom cannot decide if I’m potty trained yet because we go outside a lot and I do my business out there.

I just had some major surgery with my teeth; they were in bad shape and I don’t have many left, but we like the ones I have and think they give me character (I have had some removed since my picture was taken). I am spayed, have all my shots, and am microchipped.

I am ready to meet you and bring joy with my smiling face! Please contact my foster mom at The adoption application can also be completed HERE.

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Volunteer of the Month for May 2014

LynetteOur volunteer of the month for May is Lynette Eldred. Congratulations, Lynette!

Lynette has been volunteering for Last Hope since October 2012 and has been busy making many contributions. Here is a sampling of what Lynette has accomplished:

  • Post animals to PetFinder
  • Foster dogs (sometimes three at a time)
  • Care for permanent foster dog, Pebbles, who is diabetic and blind
  • Foster lead (support foster homes, answer their questions, help them train their dogs, and make home visits for new fosters)
  • Worked at all the farmers’ market and NewBo market dates in summer of 2013
  • Made hundreds of dog treats for sale at summer markets and holiday markets
  • Helped organize two indoor garage sale fundraisers where over $600 was raised at each event
  • Lead at the Cedar Rapids Pridefest event in 2013
  • One of the organizers for the Super Sundae Puppy Bowl Party in February of 2014 where over $2,000 was raised
  • One of the Facebook administrators and posts items to Facebook
  • Creates online fundraising posts on; the first being a fundraiser to cover the medical bills for her foster, Fergus, for his eye issues and heartworm treatments
  • Helps with PetPoint entries and contracts when needed

Lynette says she likes volunteering for Last Hope because she likes spending time with other people who are passionate about dogs and rescuing them and she has met and created friendships with people that she never would have met otherwise. They often find other things in common, beyond the love of saving dogs.

Lynettes two dogsShe loves to foster because it is so rewarding to meet a new dog that she knows nothing about and find out who they are. Dogs have different personalities, just like people, and the best thing a foster home can do for them is help them be who they were meant to be. She loves training dogs and teaching them new skills that will help them enjoy themselves and make them a more appealing dog for the right adopter. “When a match is perfect there is nothing more rewarding, even though it is hard to say goodbye.”

Thank you, Lynette, for all you do for Last Hope and the dogs we save. You have contributed a lot and are an inspiration for other volunteers.

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Dog of the Week: Bean

Bean is a female black Lab mix who is eagerly awaiting her forever home. She’s a real sweetie and deserves to find a permanent home where she can relax and shower affection on her new family.


Bean is a black Lab mix; from her markings she may have a hound in her background. Her coat is short, slick, and shiny, consistent with a Lab or hound background. She’s a big girl at 70 pounds, but she’d still like to be a lap dog. She’s very outgoing and loves people and loves being petted. Bean also likes treats which could be a great motivator when her new family gives her training. She gets along well with other dogs; she’s spent the last two years living with two other dogs on a farm.

Bean is three years old, has been spayed, and is current on her vaccinations. She’d love to meet you – wouldn’t you like to meet her, too? Drop an email to and a meeting can be arranged. You can also fill out an adoption application HERE.

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Dog of the Week: Sassy

Sassy is a Mastiff and Pit Bull Terrier mix and she really wants to find a forever home. Won’t you give this adorable dog a chance?


Hi! My name is Sassy but my friends call me Sarsaparilla or Sassafras. I am a medium-sized Mastiff with a giant-sized personality. I love everybody and every animal I meet. I have lived with kids and cats, and I currently live with two foster dog siblings but would prefer to be the only one around.

Sassy 2I love to play with my toys and leave them all over the house so there is always one handy, should I get the urge to play RIGHT THAT INSTANT! My foster brother and sister are older so they don’t always want to play as much as I do, but that’s okay because I also love to snuggle. In fact, if it is at all possible to sit in your lap, I will! I love to sleep in bed with my foster family, but I am crate trained and prefer to sleep in my crate sometimes. I also stay in my crate when my foster mom and dad are gone.

I am used to being on a tie-out and love to be outside. In fact, when my foster mom takes me to Cedar Run for daycare, they have a hard time getting me inside! I love to run around and play tug with the other dogs. I also like to be with the daycare workers and sometimes I don’t want the other dogs to get their attention. I am learning to share my humans and my foster siblings are helping me with this.

When I see my foster mom and dad, my tail goes so fast that my booty wiggles and it always makes them smile. I like to see them smile and I try my hardest to be a good dog. I know I have a couple of things to work on (counter surfing, jumping up on people, and the occasional accident in the house), but I am getting better every day. I am spayed and all my shots are up to date.

Sassy 3If you think I would be a good match for you, please contact my foster mom so I can meet you and make you smile, too!

For more information about Sassy, please contact You can also complete the adoption application HERE.