Dog of the Week: Bean

“I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore,” Dorothy said to her little black Toto after the cyclone carried their house through the air from Kansas to Oz. You could say the same thing to Bean, a bigger black dog from Kansas who has been plopped down in the cornfields of Iowa. She took a little more conventional mode of transportation; instead of a flying house she came from Kansas aboard a small plane, courtesy of the Pilots for Paws program which helps deliver animals from high-kill shelters to rescues like Last Hope.

BeanBean is a black lab mix; from her markings she may have a hound in her background. Her coat is short, slick, and shiny, consistent with a lab or hound background. She’s a big girl at 70 pounds, but she’d still like to be a lap dog. She loves people, being very outgoing, and loves being petted. Bean also likes treats, which could be a great motivator when her new family gives her training. She gets along well with other dogs; she’s spent the last two years living with two other dogs on a farm. Bean is three years old, has been spayed, and is current with her vaccinations.

She’d love to met you– wouldn’t you like to meet her too? Dropping an email to can make that happen. You can also fill out an adoption application HERE.

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