Happy Tails: Daisy



Helen and her family adopted Daisy (formerly Zuzu) and this is their happy tails story in their own words…


“We love her lots! As I write this, she is fast asleep on the ottoman after another exciting trip to the dog park.

We have wanted a dog for a few years, but we had a small house and did not think it was fair to a dog. We have a great cat, Tinkerbell, and were concerned with her feeling the dog took over. We moved in March to a great big house with a great yard. We were ready for a dog! We had to wait until baseball and softball slowed down so we’d be home.

We chose Last Hope because we wanted an older dog that needed our help. Our cats have always been adopted or strays that found us, and it’s important to us to help animals that need homes. We also liked that Daisy had been in a foster home with cats!

Daisy had us at “hello”! She was so soft and cute. She looks like she is smiling and we love her freckles!

She has done great settling in, and every day we grow to love her more! She is great with our kids and loves all the attention she gets from them. Probably my favorite thing about her is when she asks to be petted … she walks up and nudges your hand up to her head! It’s also pretty darn cute to watch her when she’s really tired … she almost falls asleep standing up. Her eyes start to close before she realizes she should probably lay down!

We are working with her on “heel” and “leave it,” and she is already getting better.

It has been a great experience! Carol and Jennifer from Last Hope were super helpful and did an amazing job helping us make Daisy comfortable and safe her first few days. We could see what a difference it made being in a foster home, too. Daisy was extremely well-adjusted and happy which made all the difference to us. We can’t thank you guys enough for letting us adopt our sweet girl!!”

Thank you, Helen and family, for sharing your story and giving one of our dogs her forever home.

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