Daisy Mae’s Story


Daisy Mae, formerly known as Jessica, is a 16-year-old Chihuahua we got April 18th, 2013. Sonia was called that morning to rescue some dogs that were caught in a flood and off she went along with Ashley. The only thing Sonia was told was that there were dogs that needed to be rescued from rising water and if they weren’t rescued they would go to the pound. The location was near the Mississippi River and with the excessive rainfall, the river was flooding. There were many dogs that needed rescuing.

They saw Daisy Mae in a kennel outside (she lived outside 24/7) in a foot of water, her nose up in the air so she could breathe. Sonia knew she would be taking Daisy Mae and she also saw two Huskies that would be rescued as well.

IMG_36557755949839On the way back they went to Dr. Ahern’s Animal Kingdom to have the dogs checked out. Daisy Mae was diagnosed with a heart murmur and frostbite on both ears. She was underweight, blind, and full of worms. That night she went into foster care with Kristina and has been there ever since.

A few months went by and everything seemed good but then we got the news: Daisy Mae was in the beginning stages of congestive heart failure. She was coughing all the time and restless with heavy breathing so she was put on heart medications. We then found out that she had hypothyroidism (her thyroid levels were too low) and she got medication for that as well.

In late May, 2013 Kristina noticed a lump on the side of her stomach and she had gone into heat (we did not spay due to her age and poor health per the vet). The smell was awful so back to Animal Kingdom they went. Dr. Ahern checked her white blood cell count and it was extremely high which indicated an infection in her uterus. Because it was very serious, Dr. Ahern ordered surgery for the next morning.

Kristina dropped off Daisy Mae at 8:00 AM and planned to pick her up at 3:00 PM that day. Before she left to pick her up, Kristina received a call from the nurse informing her that Daisy Mae had been doing well until ten minutes prior when she became unresponsive. Dr. Ahern told her that Daisy Mae had likely had a stroke and went into shock. Kristina went to the vet’s office to sit with Daisy Mae.

At 6:00 it was determined that she should be taken to EIVSC for 24-hour care. As soon as they arrived they took Daisy Mae to the back and she went into shock again. It was a long night and was touch-and-go as far as whether she would survive. After four nights in the emergency clinic with 24-hour care by wonderful nurses and vets, and a pretty big bill, she made it and she went home with Kristina.

It took Daisy Mae about a week to recover from the traumatic experience but she returned to her normal self. About four weeks later she had an episode of not feeling well so back to Animal Kingdom she went. It was discovered that she had fluid building up on her lungs so she was given Lasix to battle the fluid. She seemed to be doing well for a couple weeks, then she fell ill again with heavy breathing and went back to the emergency clinic in the evening. They found that she had some abdominal pain which was likely causing the heavy breathing. She was released and went home that night.

IMG_36491118806554Since then she’s been doing okay; no heavy breathing, no wild episodes, and only occasional pain which Kristina treats with prescribed pain meds.

Daisy Mae is such a pretty girl. She loves to be held and told she’s pretty. She loves her bologna and hot dogs and loves Fettuccine Alfredo. Because of weird tummy aches that she gets, she prefers to eat Natural Balance canned food because it seems to be the only thing that doesn’t upset her stomach.

Daisy Mae lives with dogs and cats and her favorite thing to do is chase the cats under the bed and bark at them. For being mostly blind, she can get around well. She loves to sunbathe and enjoys the little things in life. She loves smelling and tasting the grass, rolling in bird poop, and getting snuggles.

Kristina knows that the time will come when she’ll have to say goodbye until they meet again, but for now they are taking it day by day and making each and every one of her remaining days/weeks/months/years amazing. They won’t waste a day; if Daisy Mae wants to sleep, they sleep. If she wants to venture out into the world, they will venture out. If she wants to sunbathe, they sunbathe. Because of Last Hope Animal Rescue and Kristina, the remainder of Daisy Mae’s life will be full of love, kisses, snuggles, full tummies, warmth, and soft blankets and beds.

If you’d like to make a donation to help with Daisy Mae’s medical expenses, please donate HERE. Thank you!

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