Volunteer of the Month for October 2014

Our volunteer of the month for October is Kathy Condon!  “I have always loved animals; dogs and horses especially.  I grew up with dogs and have always had one but I have always wanted to help those poor unfortunate dogs that needed somebody to love them.  The only way I knew how was to financially donate to rescues and the humane society.  However I always knew I wanted to do more.” In the summer of 2013, she was helping her mother find a dog after hers had crossed the rainbow bridge. That search brought them to Last Hope. Kathy saw that we were in need of volunteers and knew she wanted to help out in any way she could.

 She began by helping out with transports, then started fostering, and finally she works as a foster lead.

Kathy loves being a foster lead because “finding the perfect family for a dog is the greatest joy in the world. It takes so much of my personal time, but when you see a dog that has been looking for a home for so long find that family that they need it is worth all the hours spent on emails, phone calls, meet and greets and home visits.”

“I have learned so much about the love of a dog from volunteering and fostering with Last Hope.  Volunteering has also allowed me to meet some really incredible people in other volunteers and fosters but also in the families who were willing to take a chance on adopting a dog especially the hard to place dogs, the seniors and the bully breeds.  There are so many ways to help in the rescue process so even if you cannot foster or do not have much time you can start small like I did and get to experience this amazing feeling when you help a dog find his forever home!”

 Thank you, Kathy, for all you do for Last Hope and the animals in our care!

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