Barks and Brew Sponsor: Cedar Run

Last Hope recently held the first Barks and Brew event and it was a huge success due, in large part, to our terrific sponsors! One of our sponsors at The Growler level is Cedar Run Pet Boarding and Daycare. Last Hope, its volunteers, and all its adoptable animals thanks them for their support. Here is information about Cedar Run:

Our 5 by 8 foot privacy-paneled (as opposed to chain-link) suites provide the personal space, coziness, and security that will comfort your pet while you are away. Not only does each suite have a doggie-door and heated floors, but when your canine friend feels the urge to sunbathe or enjoy the fresh air, they can do so on their individual outside patios.

Cedar RunThe spa-like atmosphere cultured in the fabulous accommodations does not stop with the suites. Cedar Run has many more ways to pamper your pet. You can set up an appointment with our groomer for a mani-pedi and a blowout for the day you pick up your pet (or any other day that suits your fancy). Also offered are invigorating scrubs and personalized hairstyles, to name a couple.

If spoiling your pet with spa services is not your thing, don’t be discouraged. We also offer training classes and doggie daycare. Bring your pooch our way and let him play with other dogs while you are away at work. Cedar Run has two different doggie daycare areas (based on size and play style) so there is no need to fret that your Chihuahua GiGi might get stepped on by Brutus the Rottweiler. If you suffer from separation anxiety when away from your pet, or you just want to see how they are spending their day, will have a live feed of the indoor and outdoor playgrounds here on our website. We are also setting up a phone program where you will be able to send a text message to inquire about your pet.

Stop by Cedar Run Pet Boarding and Daycare today! You can reserve a suite for your pet in person or call us at (319) 393-1362.

We encourage you to stop by the facility for a tour and to meet the staff.

Please consider visiting Cedar Run and letting them care for your furbaby. Their website can be found HERE.

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