Sweet Pawka was surrendered to us as a puppy by a breeder because he was born blind and mostly deaf. He Pawka 2had been kept in a basement, never been outside, and never learned to play or know love.  When he came to his foster home he learned how to play and dig and be a normal puppy.

His foster took him to Iowa Sate for tests to see if there was anything we could do for him. He had a sedated ophthalmic exam. They found he had very limited vision in his left eye. Hearing tests also indicated that he was deaf. It was possible that there was limited hearing in one ear but he was expected to lose that within a year.

Now called Rory, this sweetie has found his forever home. While $500 in tests revealed that we couldn’t do anything to save his site or hearing Rory is happy and now quite a Steeler’s fan.


Sometimes there’s noting we can do for the ones we try so hard to help. Luckily for this boy there was a family out there ready to accept him the way he is (perfect in our eyes). Our hope for every one we rescue is that they will find that family. To help Last Hope continue finding the perfect homes donate here today.

Crystal Black

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