RTVD-Mr. Mac

I remember when Mr. Mac first came in. We knew he needed some special attention and someone to Macwork with him. He wasn’t doing well at the shelter and didn’t like being with the other dogs. It’s amazing what the right foster home and a little TLC can do.

Mr Mac had a rough start coming into Last Hope. He had been staying at the shelter for sometime & was very misunderstood. He had a lot of energy & needed a lot of attention & work. One day a foster family was coming to look at another shelter pup when the unthinkable happened. When the foster family pulled up they walked around & waited patiently until they could visit with the pup they were coming to take home. All of a sudden a loud ruckus with snarls, growling, & loud whimpering arose. The pup the foster family came to visit had Mr. Mac’s face through the fence. The foster family immediately rushed into the kennel & broke up the ruckus. It was extremely traumatic for Mr. Mac. One of the foster parents checked the other dog that had gotten Mr. Mac while the other foster parent ripped his shirt off applied his shirt to Mr. Mac’s jaw to slow down the bleeding. The other dog seemed fine & was just covered in Mr Mac’s blood. Mr Mac however was not okay. The foster family ended up rushing Mr. Mac to a nearby Pet Hospital where He ended up receiving over 40 stitches to his face & jaw. To top off the misery he had already encountered, Mr. Mac tested Heart worm positive. After hours of intensive surgery & lots of attention the foster family decided to take Mr. Mac as their foster. This was a big step Mac 2for them seeing as they have 2 other dogs at their home & they had been informed he had a lot of problems to overcome. They got him home bathed him, set him up in his own recovery room, & waited patiently until morning to see how he would react to his new surroundings. After one great day of recovery, he had to be taken to another Pet Hospital, where he would stay for 3 days to receive his heart worm treatment. It was a very long time for the foster family seeing as they had already bonded with him deeply. Upon picking him up, they noticed his stitches & face had a stench coming from them. He had not received his meds, or had his stitches cleaned up during his stay. He had a horrible infection & had to have part of his face removed. After a few months & a rough recovery, He has found out that he loves his foster family & foster brothers very much. He has been through a horribly rough year but with lots of attention from his foster family & his medical providers, he has never been better.

Dog fights at the kennels are our worst nightmare. We do everything we can to avoid them. But when the unthinkable happens we pick up and immediately do what we can to fix it. Mac was taken in and received the treatment he needed. Then they turned around and treated his heartworm. Mac overcame his rough start and now his “foster family” have become foster failures. Mac has found his forever home. He overcame his rough start and now gets along great with his new brothers and is happy and healthy in his new home. To support Last Hope and help us continue to give dogs like Mac, who don’t thrive in a shelter environment, a second chance donate here today. 

Crystal Black

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