RTVD – Hannibal

Sometimes things happen beyond our control and then there is no one to care for a beloved pet. An unavoidable thing happened that caused Hannibal to be in our care. However, Hannibal had a disease that complicated things. Last Hope stepped in to help him.

This is our story of Hannibal

IMG_20141028_073957282Hannibal was living the life every animal would be lucky to have; a home to call his own, a loving owner and a place to lay his head and to be warm and safe. Hannibal’s  whole life changed in an instant when  his owner he had known his whole life passed away, leaving Hannibal, a 12-year-old Labrador Retriever, German Short Hair Pointer, Dalmatian Mix with  such a loss. Hannibal’s owner had a son that tried hard to care for Hannibal the best he could, but his finances were just enough to care for Hannibal for you see Hannibal has Addison’s Disease, an endocrine system disorder that when the Adrenal glands fail to produce enough hormones for normal functions, left untreated is fatal, which means he needs to be on a special medication the rest of his life, and his prognosis is short. The costs of the meds were too expensive for the son to continue to pay for so he contacted Last Hope Animal Rescue to help him.

So we brought  Hannibal in and placed him with a foster mom, who took very good care  him and loved him very much, until he was placed with his end of life family.  Hannibal was fitting in well until he became very ill and lethargic one night. Hannibal  was rushed to the emergency vet where they found he had an extremely large prostate and his liver was distorted and the texture was concerning and there were several  lesions on it.  The vet sent Hannibal home with high doses of Baytril, Amoxicillin, and Prednisone, for 2 weeks. Hannibal finally did start to feel better and is having the life a dog should have.

We thought everything was going be  fine until we received a call from the vet today on her prognosis of Hannibal. It is with a sad note that his liver is shutting down and his enzyme levels are the highest they have ever seen, so by the time you read this Hannibal will have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

It is with a heavy heart that I need to tell you  his story to let everyone know that with all obstacles, he was a loving, gentle, sweet dog.  Hannibal never gave up, and he never let you know the pain he was in, all he wanted was to cuddle you, give you kisses, and go for long slow walks, and to smell the fresh air. Hannibal is being adopted by his foster mom and dad so he can have his forever home and a place to call his own once again. We will always remember his love of people, cats, other dogs and the loyalty he had.

This is the story of our Hannibal, may he run free of pain and be loved by whomever he meets. My husband and I will never forget how amazing and  rewarding having Hannibal in our lives has meant to us; he was such a gift to us.  We will always love him.

There are many animals that require extra veterinary care like Hannibal. Please help us pay for these bills by donating here. Thank you for your support!

Julia Black

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