I first heard Mason’s story about a month ago when he first came to us. But for one volunteer, it started nearly a year ago. 

Lori had been watching this dog run the fields out side Vinton for nearly a year. She tried every trick she could think of to gain his trust. But nothing seemed to work. Mason

Then one day we received a call from the Vinton shelter. They had a dog that had been hit by a car and needed surgery and wanted to know if we could help. Of course we agreed and Lori went out to transport the dog to our vets office. Much to her surprise, it was the same dog she had been chasing for months.

Mason had broken both bones in his front leg. After a few x-rays he had plates put into his leg. The total cost was over $1,700. He was moved into a foster home to heal up and get ready for his new home.

Just this week Mason went to his new forever home! He loves his new mom and dad already!

Mason FamilyWhile Mason may have spent a year on the run it looks like he will settle right in in his new home! Thanks to Last Hope he will be able to run and play with his family just like any other dog. To help Last Hope continue to help dogs like Mason donate here today!

Crystal Black

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