Allie came to us after her health issues caused the breeder who had her to relinquish her. She’s been with us for nearly a year now. Her foster mom has been helping to cover her expenses but even with that help Last Hope has still spent nearly $2,500 on Allie’s care. But as Allie’s foster mom told me “she has repaid {us} in love many times over!”

Allie came to Last Hope foster care in January of 2014. She was a breeder girl who, because she Allie1developed diabetes, the breeder released her. She spent the first almost 6 years of her life in a cage having puppies. She was in such rough shape, underweight and her diabetes was not regulated at all. Her blood panel was all out of whack. The vet had suggested doing the Cushings test and having an ultrasound done to make sure she didn’t have any tumors. We did an ultrasound and did not find any tumors but her adrenal glands and liver were enlarged so they also suspected the Cushings Disease. She also found a heart murmur she thinks it may be a leaky aortic valve. Not a problem now but will want to watch as she gets older.

Cushings Disease means that her body produces to much of the hormone Cortisol. In abnormally high amounts, cortisol thins the pet’s skin and increases hair shed leading to baldness. It can even cause deposits of calcium to form in the skin.

We aren’t sure if the Diabetes caused the Cushings or vice versa. She had no hair on her ears or tail and the hair she did have was very fine/thin. We were also having a hard time controlling the diabetes and that is a sign of the Cushings Disease.

First thing we did was get the diabetes regulated and try to get some weight on her. She is on a Denamarin Chew daily. The insulin is Novalin NPH 2.5 units twice a day. She just had her Spay, dental surgery and a growth removed at Anamosa last month and she has had 5 or 6 ACTH Stim test to measures if her Cushings meds are working. She will need another one of those tests next month.

Allie Before & After Oct 2014She loves to be held and follows me around all over. She will lay next to my chair when I’m working in the office and will also follow my pups. She’s such a happy little girl and will always potty outside, she has figured that out. I keep the diaper on her because she does tend to have accidents if I don’t get her out in time or if she drinks a lot of water due to the diabetes and Cushings.

Reading all this she sounds like a total wreck but looking at her she is such a happy little girl. She will paw at you to pet her and nudges you with her nose to make sure you are still there. She will run around the house and tilt her little head listening if she looses track of where I went & she LOVES FOOD!

Crystal Black

As you can see from the before and after picture, Allie has made an amazing transformation. With out the love her foster mom provided and the support from Last Hope this little girl may never have gotten this chance. To help support Last Hope donate here today. Help dogs like Allie get their second chance!

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