Han was born with a congenital heart defect. This beautiful boy was surrendered to Last Hope because his owner could not afford his care.  

image (1)We have had HAN for awhile now. In our home on our couch on our laps
with family and friends in our bed and most importantly in our hearts.

We’ve gotten to know his personality, likes and dislikes and sweet
quirks. We’ve watched his confidence grow and are in complete awe at
his joy of living every moment. As we look ahead we can’t help being
overcome with emotion.

HAN is a handsome Rhodesian Ridgeback. He came into Last Hope Animal
Rescue as an owner surrender from Missouri. He was born with a
congenital disease called Aortic Stenosis. With this disease, the left
ventricle has to work harder to pump blood out of the heart, due to
the obstruction just under the aortic valve. This disease has caused
thickening of his heart muscle, which creates extra work on his heart,
and has lead to an enlargement of the left ventricle.

At just 3 years of age, HAN is on the lower end of severe heart
failure. His prognosis is guarded, and life expectancy short. After
taking him to the University of Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Teaching
Hospital, we were devastated to learn that HAN was not a candidate for
an experimental procedure similar to balloon valvuloplasty, due to his
stenotic portion being too narrow.

At this time we have started him on Atenolol, a medication which slows
the heart rate and reduces the severity of obstruction. He is bright,
alert, and most importantly, happy.

He enjoys people, snuggling in a soft bed, and snoozing in the sun.image
Spending time in the pasture doing chores with the horses, and
“tattling” on his foster sister Mahali is a daily “job” for him. He
currently lives on 110 acres of land, where he hunts bunnies, leaps at
birds, and chases deer.

Han will live out his remaining years of life, on our ranch. Thanks to
Last Hope Animal Rescue and generous donations, his medication and
veterinary visits, are paid for. He will continue to run and play, be
showered with love, and never know that he is different.

image (2)HAN has taught us to prance in the rain, stretch in the sun, and live
every day in the moment because you never know when that moment may
end. He is an exceptional HANMAN.

Even though he’s not a candidate for surgery Last Hope has provided Han with a chance for a loving home to live out his life. To help dogs like Han donate today. Help Last Hope Retire the Vet Debt!

Crystal Black

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