RTVD – Landon

Landon was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or maybe, just maybe, if you look at it the right way… he was in the right place. He may have had a long, hard road to get there but thanks to Last Hope this sweet boy has found his forever home.

IMG_6675  IMG_3513

Landon was hit by a car on Hwy 30 in Benton County. He had broken both legs on the right side of his body. He was only 11 months old, just a baby when this happened. Last Hope quickly stepped up to help him as no one stepped in to claim him.

Landon Surgery

He was taken in for surgery, with costs upwards of $1,500. His first surgery was on his rear femur. A couple days later they operated on the front leg. They put 2 pins in. He was in a lot of pain so they planned on keeping him at the vet’s office through the weekend. Unfortunately, his pain levels didn’t decrease as quickly as we had hoped. He was there for another week before he began regaining movement in his legs and  was able to be moved to his foster home.

Once in his foster home, Landon’s recovery was slow. We found out that there were some problems with the way his leg was healing. He was taken to Ames for a second opinion and again, for a second surgery. Since then things have started to look up for Landon!

Landon After  Landon After 2

Landon’s foster fell in love with him. She quickly became what we call a “foster failure.” She says, “Landon is doing wonderfully :-). He is such an amazing boy! We always joke around that Dr. Reimer may have put springs in his legs when he had his fractures repaired because he’s so happy and constantly jumping and bouncing around.”

This young boy may have started his time with Last Hope with a streak of bad luck. But thanks to our donors and supporters we were able to give him the care he needed and he very quickly made himself at home in his new forever home.

To help dogs like Landon, please donate to Last Hope HERE and help us Retire the Vet Debt!

Julia Black

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