Retire the Vet Debt – Hope for the Future


We began our campaign to Retire the Vet Debt on October 31st and you’ve opened your hearts to the cause. Today is the final day to donate and it also is the last day to make charitable donations that you can claim on your 2014 taxes.


Each year we incur quite a bit of veterinary debt caring for these animals and we rely on you to help us pay that debt so that we can continue to help animals in need.

We’ve met many wonderful dogs that needed extensive veterinary intervention to survive. We’re more than happy to provide that care, but it does come with a cost. Your donations will help defray the cost of all that care. We believe the pets are worth it – do you?

PollyThe last dog we would like to introduce to you is Polly. She was brought to us from a good samaritan who got her from a breeder. Those are massive tumors on her chest. She was surrendered by the breeder because she was no longer good as a breeder due to the tumors. Polly is just one example of the dogs we still care for on a daily basis. She represents the future of Last Hope and we want to be able to help more like her. She deserves so much better than what she’s gotten in life, but now she is being cared for and loved and your donations help us do that.

On this last day of 2014, won’t you help these defenseless but loving animals? Help dogs like these by making a donation HERE.

Julia Black

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