Volunteer of the Month for January 2015

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     Our honoree for the month of January 2015 is Sarah Opiol! She has been volunteering for Last Hope since September 2014 and she’s done a wide variety of things for us.
     She said she has always wanted to volunteer with a rescue and she met Vicki (another volunteer with Last Hope) at a family member’s vet in Iowa City.  After that, she emailed Last Hope and started volunteering.
     The first thing that she was available to do was to volunteer at the NewBo market.  After that she started getting emails about all the things a volunteer can do with Last Hope and she hit the ground running. She has provided transports for several dogs to adoption events, pick-ups and drop-offs if we receive donations at an event or medication needs to be picked up from a vet in the Iowa City area, posting to Last Hope’s Facebook page about which animals are available for adoption and about shirts that we’re selling, sending out t-shirts if they were purchased from out of town, transporting items toevents that we sell, and she has been running the adoption events in Cedar Rapids and sometimes in Coralville. She is also a foster lead for the Iowa City area.
     Her main focus has been the adoption events and getting the animals on social media to help find them forever homes, but she also does home visits and adoptions.  She is not a foster, but did take in a dog because of the unique circumstances. They called him Meaty and he seemed to enjoy hanging out in the shop at work watching the guys. She recently found him a forever home and he is doing great!
     Here is what Sarah said about volunteering at Last Hope:
     “I enjoy volunteering with Last Hope because all of the people have something in common: The love for animals.  We are all busy with regular jobs but we do what we can to find forever homes for all of the animals that come to the rescue.
     “Last Hope Animal Rescue is absolutely amazing!  The people are great and the care that is given to the animals is incredible.  It is so nice to see how many fosters we have with Last Hope that are willing and able to provide these animals with a safe and loving environment until they find their forever homes.  I have really enjoyed seeing how successful the adoption events are and watching the animals go to their forever homes.  It has been a great experience and I look forward to seeing everything we can do!”
     Thank you for all you’ve contributed to Last Hope, Sarah! It’s volunteers like Sarah that make all of this work.
Julia Black


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