Dog of the Week: Gidget


My name is Gidget.  I am a six year old Miniature Pinscher/Terrier mix with a sincere personality.  I sometimes need a little time to warm up to my surroundings, but once I do, my true character will shine.  I am very personable and am very sweet.  The longer you are around me, the more I grow on you.

Gidget 2I love to snuggle up next to you on the couch or the bed.  I will bark a little at people that come to the door, and maybe sometimes at the neighbor dogs that I can hear, but not see.  I do like most dogs and cats – I get along great with the Golden Retriever I am staying with.  I am good with children, I’ll even snuggle up with them at night when I want some company.  I love to have my head and belly rubbed.

I would prefer a fenced in backyard – I love laying out in the sunshine and running around free.  I am still learning to catch balls, but I do love a big, plush toys to chew on.  I also enjoy walks around the neighborhood.

My stomach is a bit sensitive, so I do need to be on a sensitive food diet, but I do like the occasional Milk Bone.  I am potty trained and will let you know when I need to go out.

Gidget 3I am looking for my forever home.  Please consider adopting me into your family.

If you are interested in Gidget, please complete an application HERE.

Julia Black

Cat of the Week: Jasper


Poor Jasper waits patiently for his forever home. He currently lives in a foster home with several resident cats, and an endless stream of kittens that come and go, and a big, slobbery, yellow lab. Jasper watches potential adopters come and admire the kittens, but no one notices him. He is still playful like a kitten; doesn’t that count?

Jasper 2Jasper gets along fabulously with people, cat-savvy dogs and other cats. There isn’t a mean bone in his body. He loves playing rowdy with his foster brother and sister kittens, but he’s also content to hang out quietly with the older cats if given the opportunity. He is quiet, kind, and a real mellow fellow. At Christmas, he happily hung out in a room full of boisterous family, chaos, and people (the other cats hid in the basement). After months and months of being in a cage at a shelter, he was just so happy to be included in the festivities!

Jasper is prone to urinary crystals, which is a common bladder issue many male cats are prone to. This is an easily manageable condition with proper diet. The special food he needs is more expensive than what they sell at the grocery store (but it is much cheaper than a vet bill!) A $60 bag of special diet food should last him 3 months. Jasper’s former family abandoned him at a local shelter after their vet refused their request to euthanize him. Jasper’s bladder issues were easily treated and in the last 8 months he lived at the shelter and in a foster home, he has not had ANY litter box troubles. None.

Jasper is still very young at heart, and exhibits playful, kitten-like behavior. He chirrups when his foster humans get home, rubs against their legs, and will drape himself over a chair to watch them while they do their chores. The humans don’t understand why this guy is still homeless!

Jasper 3He is neutered, up to date on all vaccinations, and is front-declawed.

Jasper is a little sensitive about having his back end touched. We think he’s experienced being hit or having his tail pulled. Poor guy. He would do best in a quiet home without small children, and should not live with dogs that are aggressive or will chase him.

Jasper will be your forever loyal companion. Can you be his?

If you are interested in Jasper, please complete an application HERE.

Julia Black

Cat of the Week: Goldie

We have kitties! We feel bad that we’ve been neglecting them on the blog, so we’re starting our Cat of the Week feature to occur on Thursdays. Our first bachelor is Goldie…


Goldie 2Goldie, an adult male Tabby, is a loving, gentle cat who has been recuperating from physical abuse at the hands of his former owner. Luckily, Goldie was rescued and placed into a loving foster home to recover from his injuries. Goldie is all healed up now and ready for adoption by a loving home.

Goldie is an amazing cat. He’s a lover but also has his moments when he wants to be left alone. He would be better in a single pet home as he hasn’t gotten along with other animals well since he was abused. He loves to play with string and toys, but would be even happier with a hair-tie.

If you are interested in Goldie, please contact Or complete an adoption application HERE.

Julia Black


Dog of the Week: Marley


Marley 3Marley 2Marley is a handsome little guy! He enjoys cuddling and playing ball. Marley has been in a shelter since he was four months old. He recently came to Last Hope Animal Rescue from Kentucky.

Marley is still learning doggy manners and needs someone who is just as excited to teach him, as he is to learn them. Marley will do best as the only male in the house, he has not been cat tested, and he is great with kids. Marley is a Lab mix and is now a year old and still hoping for his forever home!

If you are interested in Marley, please complete an application HERE.

Marley 4

Julia Black


Dog of the Week: Diamond


Diamond is a Terrier/Hound mix looking for her forever home…

Diamond 2Hi, my name is Diamond but I don’t really answer to it. I love lots of attention and like to follow my foster mom around the house. I get along with my foster mom’s dogs but they do not really like to play as much as I would like. I stay in a kennel when my foster mom is not home. I don’t really like the kennel and I have escaped from it a couple of times but I know I need to be kenneled to make sure I don’t get into trouble.

I just had puppies but they are old enough to be on their own now. My foster mom is working with me on not jumping up. I jump on people because I like attention and want to be petted. My foster mom has been nice to let me sleep in her bed and I do well sleeping through the night. My foster mom has to put her shoes away because I tend to mistake them for chew toys. I know how to sit and lay down.

Diamond 4I have a lot of energy and need a home that will provide me with plenty of opportunities for exercise. I do well in a fenced in yard where I can run without leaving my home. I have done well with kids. My foster mom is unsure how I would do around cats. I really want a forever home where I can be loved. I hope to meet my forever home soon.

If you’re interested in Diamond, you can complete an adoption application HERE.

Julia Black

Socializing Your Adult Dog

Dog on LeashSocializing your dog is very important; not only will it make him a better citizen, it will help your dog remain calm in different situations. It’s relatively easy to socialize most puppies because they are open to new experiences and everyone wants to interact with a puppy. But what happens when you adopt an adult dog? It takes a little more effort to socialize an adult dog, especially if they show signs of being fearful or shy around other dogs or people.

When socializing your dog it is very important to remain calm. If you get nervous, your dog will pick up on your emotions and could get nervous in response. Instead of taking your dog out in public, which may be overstimulating, enlist the help of friends and family your dog is unfamiliar with when first attempting to socialize.

  • Have a friend the dog is unfamiliar with stand a few feet away from the dog. Have them toss a treat or one of your dog’s toys on the ground, then walk away. Repeat the process, with the person closer to the dog each time. Your dog should learn to associate positive things with strangers rather than negative things.
  • Use a toy every time you greet your dog after you have been away. The dog should eventually associate the toy with pleasant interaction. Once that has happened, you can use it when your dog is meeting strangers. Give it to visitors when they enter the house or take it with you on walks when you meet strangers along the way.
  • When you introduce new people to your dog, have the person sit down or squat on their haunches so that they appear to be less threatening. The dog will be more accustomed to relaxed social contact. The combination of the environment and passive body posture should produce a more positive response from the dog rather than if the person is looming over the dog as they advance.

If your dog is especially fearful you can take a step back and try the following technique:

  • Sit in an armchair and scatter food around you (or your friend). Your dog can approach and retreat as he likes. As he comes closer, he gets the food and as he runs off he gets nothing. Once he is more interested in the lure, you can now take the food and talk to the dog in the language that he has learned: come here, sit, and down. This in itself is like a behavioral pacifier and will accelerate the bonding process.

Socializing your dog takes patience and lots of praise. It’s like any other training procedure: Take your time, use praise liberally, and keep calm. It’s very important to adequately socialize your dog because both you and your dog will be happier!

Julia Black


Dog of the Week: Spencer


Spencer 2Spencer is an American Bulldog/American Staffordshire Terrier mix. He’s good with dogs, children, and is house trained. Spencer is a sweet boy who is happy to be in his foster family. He’s about 2 years old. He is very affectionate but needs some training since he doesn’t know how strong he is. Spencer enjoys walks, although he does pull on the leash. He knows the sit command and is learning down and focus. He seems to like other dogs but has not had the opportunity to play with them since the weather has gotten so cold. He can get goofy tossing around his toy when he plays by himself.  Indoor homes only.  You can fill out an application HERE.

Julia Black