Cat of the Week: Jasper


Poor Jasper waits patiently for his forever home. He currently lives in a foster home with several resident cats, and an endless stream of kittens that come and go, and a big, slobbery, yellow lab. Jasper watches potential adopters come and admire the kittens, but no one notices him. He is still playful like a kitten; doesn’t that count?

Jasper 2Jasper gets along fabulously with people, cat-savvy dogs and other cats. There isn’t a mean bone in his body. He loves playing rowdy with his foster brother and sister kittens, but he’s also content to hang out quietly with the older cats if given the opportunity. He is quiet, kind, and a real mellow fellow. At Christmas, he happily hung out in a room full of boisterous family, chaos, and people (the other cats hid in the basement). After months and months of being in a cage at a shelter, he was just so happy to be included in the festivities!

Jasper is prone to urinary crystals, which is a common bladder issue many male cats are prone to. This is an easily manageable condition with proper diet. The special food he needs is more expensive than what they sell at the grocery store (but it is much cheaper than a vet bill!) A $60 bag of special diet food should last him 3 months. Jasper’s former family abandoned him at a local shelter after their vet refused their request to euthanize him. Jasper’s bladder issues were easily treated and in the last 8 months he lived at the shelter and in a foster home, he has not had ANY litter box troubles. None.

Jasper is still very young at heart, and exhibits playful, kitten-like behavior. He chirrups when his foster humans get home, rubs against their legs, and will drape himself over a chair to watch them while they do their chores. The humans don’t understand why this guy is still homeless!

Jasper 3He is neutered, up to date on all vaccinations, and is front-declawed.

Jasper is a little sensitive about having his back end touched. We think he’s experienced being hit or having his tail pulled. Poor guy. He would do best in a quiet home without small children, and should not live with dogs that are aggressive or will chase him.

Jasper will be your forever loyal companion. Can you be his?

If you are interested in Jasper, please complete an application HERE.

Julia Black

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