Cat of the Week: Niklaus


Have you been looking for a kitty in your life but want a cat that loves to be snuggled instead of running away? Look no further, Niklaus is your man!  Niklaus is a 4-year-old tom cat who, despite his whopping 14 lb size, is a complete lovebug. He wants nothing more than to sit on you, give you head boops, and kisses on your face. He purrs non-stop and all he asks for in life is your love and affection. Clouse, as he is affectionately called, is a majestic long-hair kitty with the cutest fluffy mane.  Niklaus literally has no downsides; he uses the litterbox, uses his scratching posts, and is very laid back. He is FIV + which means that his immune system is not as strong as other cats. Cats with FIV can live completely normal, happy, long lives with proper care. Because of his FIV status, it is best that Niklaus go to a home where he will be the only cat or the other cats are FIV positive as well. Niklaus is the most loving cat out there, don’t miss your opportunity to adopt this lovable boy!  Indoor homes only.

If you’re interested in giving Niklaus his loving forever home, please complete an application HERE.

Niklaus 2

Julia Black

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