Cat of the Week: Oscar


Oscar is a sweet boy looking for his forever home. He can be a little shy at first but once he knows you’re his friend he loves to rub up against you and climb in your lap. He enjoys being petted and will roll over on his back for belly rubs and likes being picked up and held. He gets along well with other cats with a little time to adjust. Sometimes he can be found curled up to his current roommate. He would love to have a home where he can hang out all day and lounge around in the sun.

If you’re interested in Oscar, complete an application HERE.

Oscar 2

Julia Black

Dog of the Week: Biscoe


Biscoe 3This handsome man is Biscoe!  He’s a Red Heeler/Lab mix and is about four years old. Don’t you just love that face!  He does great in the car and ignores those things called cats.  He loves playing with other dogs if properly introduced and is a sweet, smart boy! He loves going for runs/walks and would love to have an active human to call his own.  He is selective of the men he is around but this is being worked on with the amazing volunteers at the adoption center.  Indoor homes only.

If you are interested in Biscoe, please contact or complete an application HERE.

Biscoe 2     Julia Black

Cat of the Week: Alisha


Take one look in Alisha’s cheerful, smiling eyes, and pet her as she oh-so-affectionately paws at your arm gently begging for more pets, and you’d have no idea that Alisha is a survivor of horrible neglect and abuse. She’s talkative, outgoing, and gets along well with other cats and any humans she has met.

For the first 2 years of her life, she suffered from severe malnutrition and neglect, stunting her growth. Alisha is the size of a kitten, although she is estimated to be between two and three years old. Because of malnutrition and starvation early in life, she will always be an itty-bitty-kitty.

Alisha 2In more recent months, Alisha and her furry companions were subjected to beatings by mean boys who don’t like cats. Sadly, some of her fur-siblings were killed. One of those meanies shot Alisha in the head with a BB gun, but she received surface wounds that healed up perfectly with treatment. Some kind folks stepped in and helped Alisha find a rescue group where she could safely heal up from her BB injuries, get good vet care, and get her belly fed with all of the nutritious food she can eat.

She looks like a kitten, and she’s playful like a kitten. Did we mention she is the most forgiving, lovable, little survivor we’ve ever met? If you want a kitty that loves people (despite everything) and really wants her own special human being to be her best friend, Alisha’s your girl.

Alisha is spayed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, and FIV and Feline Leukemia negative.

For more information about Alisha, please email An adoption application can be completed HERE. Adoption fee $40.

Julia Black

Dog of the Week: Tobie

Tobie 4

TobieTobie 3Tobie the Puggle loves to snuggle. He also loves to play fetch, go for walks, and car rides. He would love to have a fenced-in backyard to play fetch and explore. He is playful but he will also match your energy if you just want to snuggle on the couch. He is protective of his owners so he will need proper introduction to strangers.

He currently lives with two cats and another dog. He may do best in a home with no cats or a cat that tolerates dogs. He plays best with dogs his size or bigger. Tobie is 5 and 1/2 years old and weighs 32 pounds. He knows sit, shake, and come. He is housebroken, crate trained, micro-chipped and up-to-date on vaccines. Tobie is a lovable dog ready to join your family.

If you are interested in Tobie, please complete an application HERE.

Julia Black

Cat of the Week: Minnie


Minnie is a sweet, curious kitten about 10 months old that loves attention and to explore around the house. Toys that make a lot of noise are her favorite! Minnie has lots of affection to give and gets along great with her brother, Gabe. If you’re looking for one cat or maybe a brother and sister to keep each other company, you have to meet Minnie (and/or Gabe)!

Minnie is FIV and Feline Leukemia negative, spayed, up to date on vaccinations, and she is microchipped. Indoor homes only. Adoption fee is $75.00.

Please contact for more information. An adoption application can be completed HERE.

Julia Black

Dog of the Week: Bennie


Bennie 3Bennie is a Boxer/Pit mix and was originally found running the streets with his little buddy Bonnie, a Jack Russel Terrier.  He gets along great with other dogs and seems to ignore cats.  Bennie is a very happy boy.  He shows this with his wiggle.  He wiggles always, whether he is standing or running.  Bennie is also a lucky boy.  Originally we thought his wiggle was a sign of a larger neurological problem.  With that ruled out he is ready for his forever home.

In the picture to the right, Bennie is the bigger dog standing up.

Bennie has been neutered, micro-chipped, and is up to date on shots.

If you are interested in Bennie, please contact  or fill out our adoption application HERE.

Julia Black

So Many Questions!

Occasionally we get asked, “Why do you ask so many questions before approving an adoption?” People think that perhaps ANY home is better than no home, right?

There are reasons we ask so many questions and make home visits. We don’t want to throw pets into just any old home; we owe it to the animals, and to the adopters, to make sure the animal is going to fit in well in the home. Some of these animals have already had difficult lives and the last thing they need is to be placed in home that isn’t right for them.

So why do we ask:

Question EmojiNames and ages of people in the household? Because we need to know if there are children in the home that might be at risk with the wrong placement. Not every animal is kid-friendly and so it’s important to know the ages of every child in the family. Sometimes older kids are okay but younger kids wouldn’t be.

Where the dog will be at night and while you’re away? Because many of the dogs lost their homes and ended up in a shelter or rescue because neighbors complained about constant barking. It is also important to know that the animals are going to be safe while you are away.

If you’ll be willing and able to train? Because so often the dogs are homeless due to the previous owners’ unwillingness or inability to train them. The dogs become unruly and difficult to live with and guess what? They get dumped at a shelter or rescue for someone else to deal with.

What history you have with animals? If a potential adopter has a negative past with animal ownership (got rid of them if they peed in the house, moved, or had a baby) we need to know that. If someone isn’t ready to deal with everything that comes with adopting an animal then that isn’t going to be a good placement.

The questions we ask before allowing an adoption are very important so that we find exceptional homes. The system is not perfect, and sometimes we have to re-home an animal because the home wasn’t the right fit, but we ask the questions for very good reasons. Last Hope has an excellent track record of finding the right homes the first time and it’s due to the questions we ask as well as a team of devoted volunteers who are committed to finding good forever homes for our animals.

Being placed in the wrong home is NOT better than sitting in the adoption center or a foster home. We are determined to find homes for our animals with people who will love and care for them the rest of their days. We owe it to the animals to ask the questions we ask. They deserve the very best!

Julia Black

Cat of the Week: Stefan


Stefan 2I’m Stefan, and my friends are jealous because I am such a beautiful, Bengal boyI love spending time with my foster family and their 2 cats.  They also have a dog that I like to watch and sometimes hiss at, but I’m getting used to him.  I’m very playful and love my kitty toys.  Especially the stuffed birds that make noise.   I love my food and if my roommates don’t eat all of theirs I will help myself!!  My foster mom loves to rub me all over and I lay in her lap and sleep with her almost every day.  I can be kind of shy at first but I warm up pretty quickly.  My foster family is always telling me what a good boy I am and give me lots of kisses which I love.

Stefan 3Stefan is neutered, vaccinated, and micro-chipped. Indoor homes only. Adoption fee $75.00.

If you’d like to meet Stefan, or learn more about him, please contact An adoption application can be completed at HERE.

Julia Black

Dog of the Week: Lacy


Lacy 4My name is Lacy and I am so happy since I found my foster family! I love to cuddle with people big or small. I also love stuffed animals and rawhide bones. I like to play outside or in, but can also relax and take a nap. Lately, I have been learning how to walk on a leash and try not to pull my foster mom too hard. We are working on that. I am selective of my doggy friends because I like to be top dog, 
but with a slow introduction I might be okay.  I’m not too sure about cats though. I would do best with a yard that I could run around in and explore, but a tie out would do as well with the proper harness that I can’t slip out of.
Lacy is approximately three years old and weighs 60 pounds. She is house trained and up-to-date on shots. If you’re interested in Lacy, please complete an application HERE.
Lacy 2           Julia Black