Many of you who have been following along for a while may remember our trip to the puppy mill auction last year. We still have a few of those precious pups with us today. Dylan is one of those dogs. He’s had a few chances at adoption but health issues always seem to get in the way. His “foster” shared his story with me.

Dylan came to LHAR over a year and a half ago.  He was 7 years old and lived his entire life in a crate at a puppy mill. He started his vet visits with a neuter surgery and then a dental.  Due to the lack of care he had all of his teeth pulled.  They could not be saved.  When neighbor kids ask why his tongue hangs out, I explain that he doesn’t have any teeth to hold it in.  He also is missing part of his lower jaw. His next issue was pancratitus which many times is fatal.  He fought 2 rounds and won that battle.  Things were going well for him until another dog bit him on the mouth.  With his jaw already in poor condition, it was broken.  He was on pain killers for a week or so to help it mend on its own.  The broken piece was too small for surgical repair. Though his body has healed, he is having panic attacks from loud noises such as thunder or fireworks.  If I can’t be with him, I take special precautions if I know it’s coming. He is normally a happy little guy.  He has never really barked but has a quiet noise that I say sounds like a cute little alien.  I recorded it on my cell phone and whenever I need a pick me up, I listen to Dylan chattering away.  For all I know, he could be chewing me out.

Someday Dylan may find his forever home (maybe he already has?). But until then, Last Hope will take whatever measures necessary to ensure he is happy and loved and as healthy as can be. To help Last Hope continue to care for dogs like Dylan donate here today.

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RTVD-Mr. Mac

I remember when Mr. Mac first came in. We knew he needed some special attention and someone to Macwork with him. He wasn’t doing well at the shelter and didn’t like being with the other dogs. It’s amazing what the right foster home and a little TLC can do.

Mr Mac had a rough start coming into Last Hope. He had been staying at the shelter for sometime & was very misunderstood. He had a lot of energy & needed a lot of attention & work. One day a foster family was coming to look at another shelter pup when the unthinkable happened. When the foster family pulled up they walked around & waited patiently until they could visit with the pup they were coming to take home. All of a sudden a loud ruckus with snarls, growling, & loud whimpering arose. The pup the foster family came to visit had Mr. Mac’s face through the fence. The foster family immediately rushed into the kennel & broke up the ruckus. It was extremely traumatic for Mr. Mac. One of the foster parents checked the other dog that had gotten Mr. Mac while the other foster parent ripped his shirt off applied his shirt to Mr. Mac’s jaw to slow down the bleeding. The other dog seemed fine & was just covered in Mr Mac’s blood. Mr Mac however was not okay. The foster family ended up rushing Mr. Mac to a nearby Pet Hospital where He ended up receiving over 40 stitches to his face & jaw. To top off the misery he had already encountered, Mr. Mac tested Heart worm positive. After hours of intensive surgery & lots of attention the foster family decided to take Mr. Mac as their foster. This was a big step Mac 2for them seeing as they have 2 other dogs at their home & they had been informed he had a lot of problems to overcome. They got him home bathed him, set him up in his own recovery room, & waited patiently until morning to see how he would react to his new surroundings. After one great day of recovery, he had to be taken to another Pet Hospital, where he would stay for 3 days to receive his heart worm treatment. It was a very long time for the foster family seeing as they had already bonded with him deeply. Upon picking him up, they noticed his stitches & face had a stench coming from them. He had not received his meds, or had his stitches cleaned up during his stay. He had a horrible infection & had to have part of his face removed. After a few months & a rough recovery, He has found out that he loves his foster family & foster brothers very much. He has been through a horribly rough year but with lots of attention from his foster family & his medical providers, he has never been better.

Dog fights at the kennels are our worst nightmare. We do everything we can to avoid them. But when the unthinkable happens we pick up and immediately do what we can to fix it. Mac was taken in and received the treatment he needed. Then they turned around and treated his heartworm. Mac overcame his rough start and now his “foster family” have become foster failures. Mac has found his forever home. He overcame his rough start and now gets along great with his new brothers and is happy and healthy in his new home. To support Last Hope and help us continue to give dogs like Mac, who don’t thrive in a shelter environment, a second chance donate here today. 

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Sweet Pawka was surrendered to us as a puppy by a breeder because he was born blind and mostly deaf. He Pawka 2had been kept in a basement, never been outside, and never learned to play or know love.  When he came to his foster home he learned how to play and dig and be a normal puppy.

His foster took him to Iowa Sate for tests to see if there was anything we could do for him. He had a sedated ophthalmic exam. They found he had very limited vision in his left eye. Hearing tests also indicated that he was deaf. It was possible that there was limited hearing in one ear but he was expected to lose that within a year.

Now called Rory, this sweetie has found his forever home. While $500 in tests revealed that we couldn’t do anything to save his site or hearing Rory is happy and now quite a Steeler’s fan.


Sometimes there’s noting we can do for the ones we try so hard to help. Luckily for this boy there was a family out there ready to accept him the way he is (perfect in our eyes). Our hope for every one we rescue is that they will find that family. To help Last Hope continue finding the perfect homes donate here today.

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wpid-img_20140817_105134.jpgSophie was originally left in a drop box at an animal control office in Illinois. How someone can do that is beyond me. But this sweet girl made her way to where she needed to be. We were asked by the shelter to take Sophie in. She was in desperate need of surgery on both legs.
Sophie had Luxating Patella’s on both back knees. This is a condition where the Patella, or knee cap, can slid out of place. This causes temporary pain and lameness in the affected leg and can lead to more frequent episodes, increasing lameness, and eventually arthritis. Sophie’s were considered grade 3.
Sophie’s first surgery was in August and was a success! She just had her second surgery last month and now her foster home has decided that they can’t live without her and will be finalizing the adoption as soon as possible. 🙂

Sophie 2

Thanks to Last Hope this sweetie has found her forever home. A place where she can be happy and healthy and run and play with her new brothers and sisters. To help Last Hope continue to support dogs like Sophie donate here today. 

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Dog of the Week: Katie

Katie 2

Hi! I am Katie. I am a Boxer mix and am about 1.5 years old. My favorite things to do are cuddle, lick your toes, and play. I don’t quite know my name yet and I am afraid of men, but I get along with other dogs and cats and I love kids too! (Katie will shy from men, but eventually warms up to them – always has her tail wagging). I need to be in a fenced in yard because I am an escape artist if you leave the door open! I am sweet and loving and would love to meet you. I know you will fall in love with me like everyone has so far!

KatieKatie is up to date on shots and microchipped and spayed.

The adoption application can be completed HERE.

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Volunteer of the Month for October 2014

Our volunteer of the month for October is Kathy Condon!  “I have always loved animals; dogs and horses especially.  I grew up with dogs and have always had one but I have always wanted to help those poor unfortunate dogs that needed somebody to love them.  The only way I knew how was to financially donate to rescues and the humane society.  However I always knew I wanted to do more.” In the summer of 2013, she was helping her mother find a dog after hers had crossed the rainbow bridge. That search brought them to Last Hope. Kathy saw that we were in need of volunteers and knew she wanted to help out in any way she could.

 She began by helping out with transports, then started fostering, and finally she works as a foster lead.

Kathy loves being a foster lead because “finding the perfect family for a dog is the greatest joy in the world. It takes so much of my personal time, but when you see a dog that has been looking for a home for so long find that family that they need it is worth all the hours spent on emails, phone calls, meet and greets and home visits.”

“I have learned so much about the love of a dog from volunteering and fostering with Last Hope.  Volunteering has also allowed me to meet some really incredible people in other volunteers and fosters but also in the families who were willing to take a chance on adopting a dog especially the hard to place dogs, the seniors and the bully breeds.  There are so many ways to help in the rescue process so even if you cannot foster or do not have much time you can start small like I did and get to experience this amazing feeling when you help a dog find his forever home!”

 Thank you, Kathy, for all you do for Last Hope and the animals in our care!

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