Dog of the Week: Ginger


Hi, my name is Ginger just like the movie star on Gilligan’s Island.  We have the same color of hair, but I am shorter and have four legs!  I am a young Lab/Terrier mix under two years old and am looking for that home I can call my very own.  I  still have that puppy energy in me and I love to chase 00002balls – I just haven’t been trained to bring them back to you yet.  That could be our first play time together.

I am very treat motivated which makes me easily trainable.  Show me a treat and I will follow you until you give it to me.  I need an active family and kids over eight are OK.  I like playing with them if they like to throw balls. I like hugs and getting a pet but I am not a couch potato so I will not be next to you watching those movies or Judge Judy in the afternoon.

I would be good in a home without other dogs or cats.

You can fill out an adoption application HERE.

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Dog of the Week: Cisco

Cisco is a Chihuahua mix and he’s looking for a quiet forever home. Could that be yours?


Hello, my name is Cisco and I can be a shy dog. I’m looking for a home I can call my own with people I can trust. I am very shy around new people until I get to know them. When I am unsure, I hide under the bed or in my kennel. I am getting better at coming out of hiding when my foster mom calls my name. When my foster mom sits on the couch I like to sit on her lap and take a nap.

Cisco 2I get along with other dogs and children just fine. I like the warmer weather because we get to go on walks and I am good at walking on
a leash. Sometimes my foster mom lets me sleep in her bed at night, now that I’m better with my house training. I sometimes slip up, but I am trying. I would like to be in a home in which I don’t have to be in a kennel all day long. I am a fun-loving dog after I get to know you and I am looking for my forever home. If you think we would be a good match, please come and meet me.

Cisco is neutered and up to date on his shots.

For more information about Cisco, please contact Correy at or call her at 319-310-5448. You can complete an application HERE.

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Happy Tails: Daisy



Helen and her family adopted Daisy (formerly Zuzu) and this is their happy tails story in their own words…


“We love her lots! As I write this, she is fast asleep on the ottoman after another exciting trip to the dog park.

We have wanted a dog for a few years, but we had a small house and did not think it was fair to a dog. We have a great cat, Tinkerbell, and were concerned with her feeling the dog took over. We moved in March to a great big house with a great yard. We were ready for a dog! We had to wait until baseball and softball slowed down so we’d be home.

We chose Last Hope because we wanted an older dog that needed our help. Our cats have always been adopted or strays that found us, and it’s important to us to help animals that need homes. We also liked that Daisy had been in a foster home with cats!

Daisy had us at “hello”! She was so soft and cute. She looks like she is smiling and we love her freckles!

She has done great settling in, and every day we grow to love her more! She is great with our kids and loves all the attention she gets from them. Probably my favorite thing about her is when she asks to be petted … she walks up and nudges your hand up to her head! It’s also pretty darn cute to watch her when she’s really tired … she almost falls asleep standing up. Her eyes start to close before she realizes she should probably lay down!

We are working with her on “heel” and “leave it,” and she is already getting better.

It has been a great experience! Carol and Jennifer from Last Hope were super helpful and did an amazing job helping us make Daisy comfortable and safe her first few days. We could see what a difference it made being in a foster home, too. Daisy was extremely well-adjusted and happy which made all the difference to us. We can’t thank you guys enough for letting us adopt our sweet girl!!”

Thank you, Helen and family, for sharing your story and giving one of our dogs her forever home.

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Dog of the Week: Oliver

Oliver is a great dog in search of a great home to call his own …


Oliver could be the sweetest dog in the world! Even at just two years old, this terrier mix has the ability to adapt to all kinds of new Oliver 2homes. Now it’s Oliver’s turn to have his forever home.

He gets along well with all animals, excluding rabbits and squirrels (he loves to chase them!). He even loves cats and kittens. Oliver also adores people. If you have the time for a belly rub, Oliver has all the love in the world for you. He does not discriminate when it comes to people and he has been around all kinds (kids, women, men, teenagers, etc.). He may just need a few minutes to warm up to some men, but it doesn’t take long!

Oliver is completely house trained and knows how to tell you when it’s time to “go” within minutes of being in a new place. He even has great recall so if his new home does not have a fence he may just need some time on a lead to learn boundaries.Oliver 4

Oliver is the total package when it comes to a canine companion. He is super sweet, smart (knows the sit command), loves to cuddle, enjoys people and playing, and truly just wants to be a part of a family to call his own.

If Oliver sounds like just what you’ve been looking for, fill out an adoption application HERE. Oliver would love to meet you!

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Millie’s Happy Tail


Mary and her family adopted Buttons (now Millie) from Last Hope and gave us a brief update on their new family member.

Millie 2

Millie 3Just a note to let you know we adopted Millie, formerly Buttons, from Last Hope Animal Rescue. Kris Larson was her foster mom.
We have had Millie two weeks today and we are so happy with her, and she has made so much progress in the last two weeks. She is walking on a leash and she goes potty outside more often now. She still has accidents in the house at night, but it is in the kitchen/dining area.

We are so happy with her and we really appreciate all of the time Kris has spent making sure we were a good match, and we have been in contact every day. She is a wonderful person. Here are some photos of our little Millie. We discovered that she loves to have her picture taken and is quite a little ham! Kris made the little blue and pink blanket and embroidered her name on it.

Puppies Playing

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Dog of the Week: Tater

Just look at this beautiful, white dog with those pink ears! Tater is desperately seeking his forever home and would love to have a family to call his own.



Tater, a Staffordshire Terrier mix, is a young, energetic boy looking for some fun. He gets along with other dogs and loves everyone he meets. He is a happy dog looking for a home where he can spread the joy. Tater is neutered, house trained, and up-to-date on his shots.


For more information about Tater, please contact You can complete the adoption application HERE.


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Dog of the Week: Skylar

SKylar 2Skylar is our dog of the week and she would love to find a forever home. Could that be with you?

Skylar is getting more and more playful and exudes happiness. She is really thriving after being in a shelter. Skylar is already house trained and she does well with that. She plays very well with her foster brother and shows no aggression toward him or her foster family; even when it comes to sharing bones, having the other dog eat from her food bowl, or her foster family putting their hands in her food bowl. Skylar just doesn’t sweat the small stuff and she’s such a joy.

She loves cuddling with her humans and giving sweet kisses. She has been going through several new experiences, and although she is scared of many new things, once introduced to them she becomes very comfortable. She does well in a kennel and hasn’t chewed the blankets in the kennel at all. Skylar is a cuddle bug that would benefit greatly from an active adopter who wants to include her in their life.

SkylarSkylar is a two to three year old American Staffordshire Terrier mix and is spayed, up-to-date on her shots, and is microchipped. She has not been exposed to cats but she doesn’t show an interest in chasing squirrels or rabbits so she is not prey-driven.

For more information about Skylar, please contact You can also complete the adoption application HERE.

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Dog of the Week: Willow

Our dog of the week is just a baby, and a cute baby at that! Just look at that face yearning for a forever home.


Hi! My name is Willow and I’m approximately four to five months old. I’m just a happy-go-lucky puppy that couldn’t catch a break for the first few Willow 2months. I was treated for hypertrophic osteodystropy (HOD) and my poor legs were so swollen that I couldn’t really walk but then I got better quickly. My foster mom picked me up shortly after and I then developed pneumonia and had to stay at her work where I stayed in the hospital for five days. It was not fun but feels like forever ago. The only problem I have now is that my baby teeth are finally falling out, but as long as I have a toy I’m fine!

My foster mom says I’m a real good girl because I know how to sit and shake and love car rides. I get lots of treats and love it! I love to run around and be with other dogs but I’m not quite sure about cats. My foster mom thinks I’m some sort of mountain dog or hound mix – whatever that means! But whatever I may be, I’m quite adorable. I just love everyone but think I need a human who has experience with puppies and take some time to better potty train me since I’m so young and someone who can spend quality time with me. I do need some work with the kennel as I get very sad whenever someone leaves me, but I’m working on it! Can you be my best friend?

Willow has been spayed and is up-to-date on her shots. For more information please contact The adoption application can be found HERE.

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Happy Tails: Tuffy

Ryan and Cayla adopted Tuffy in January and he is doing well. Here’s his story…

2013-12-27 18.48.42Tuffy has been doing great and we love having him around! He has really bonded with both Cayla and me and has shown that he is very comfortable in his surroundings. He is beginning to go into his kennel when asked and his car riding has improved immensely. He is also a regular on weekends at the local dog park and has done a great job socializing with both the students who he interacts with and the other dogs that our colleagues have adopted as well. We currently have four dogs living on campus, including Tuffy. I am also happy to say that all of them were adopted through Last Hope!

I also want to thank you all very much for the complimentary obedience training at Cedar Run. It was a great start for us to get Tuffy, Cayla, and me on the right track. We will be taking Tuffy to more training in Iowa City as the drive to Hiawatha made for an incredibly long day for all of us. Even though we won’t be frequenting Cedar Run as much as we used to, I cannot say enough about their staff and the trainers. They were wonderful to us and I know they loved Tuffy and took great care of him.

2013-12-05 21.01.53Tuffy has truly become a member of our family. Cayla was commenting the other day about how he has changed our lives for the better and how we cannot imagine our lives without him. He is an absolute godsend. Thank you again for your assistance and support. We have and will continue to support Last Hope in any way we can. You all do some amazing work.


Ryan and Cayla

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Dog of the Week: Gracia

If you’re looking for a little lovebug, look no further than Gracia…

Gracia Gracia1

Hello, my name is Gracia and I’m a Schnauzer/Fox Terrier mix and am about three years old. I am excited and happy for most of my day and I love to play! I would love to have a child to play with and care for me. I am also a lover. I love being held at night. I am potty trained on mats, I am spayed, and am up-to-date on my shots.

For more information about Gracia, please contact Carol Doser at You can also complete the adoption application HERE.

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