Why I will always adopt

A little over 9 years ago…

…my husband and I unknowingly started what was a lifelong learning experience.  We were newlyweds and recently bought our first home.  We wanted so badly to buy a dog to have in our first home…it was one of the reasons we wanted to buy a home instead of rent, so we could have a dog in the house.  I wanted a little dog like a Yorkie – my husband wanted a bigger dog.  So, we hit the paper’s classified ads to see what was available.  Being young, newly married and the fact that I am just plain frugal, I about fell off my chair when I saw the price of a Yorkie or a Shih Tzu!

Then we noticed the ads for beagles.  Only $85 for a pure bread beagle.  And they were so cute!!  So we hopped in our car and drove to the breeder and picked out the “cute one with the spots”  hiding in the corner.  We didn’t do any research on puppies, beagles or anything in between.  Our dog, Sully was with us for 9 years before we lost him to a spleen tumor and cancer this past February.  He was our first child, and broke us in pretty well.  He was kind of like the beagle version of Marley in a way.  He was naughty well past the puppy stage.  We had our garbage locked in an oak garbage can holder with a baby lock made for refrigerators, he broke out of his wire kennel and set off our security alarm while I was at work, he ate everything in sight whether it was eatable or not, I found  him on the kitchen counters on a regular basis, he got car sick, didn’t get along with other dogs or strangers…I could go on and on

….but we loved him and miss him daily.

What have I learned from all of this.  Despite his naughtiness, we really do LOVE beagles and can’t wait to have another one in the house.

Sweet Sully

I am so thankful…

Although we didn’t adopt the first time around, we did purchase from a responsible breeder.  One mom, one dad who had free run of the farm and had a great shelter in the barn.  I am so relieved we did not support a puppy mill in our ignorance of not knowing any different.

Why I will adopt all future dogs…

Volunteering with Last Hope and being a foster home has opened my eyes to the HUGE need for adopting animals.  Also, having Sully for the last 9 years has given me a laundry list of “wants” for my next dog – must get along with other dogs, must like car rides and must do ok with strangers in my house.  If I bought a puppy from a breeder, how would I know if all of these things were assets to this dog?  I wouldn’t!  Adopting from a shelter gives us the opportunity to find the perfect dog for us!  I love fostering for Last Hope, but I can’t wait for the perfect beagle to become available. And since he or she will get along with other dogs, I can continue to foster as well!

Mickala sigEditor’s Note: Before this posting even had a chance to be published, we began fostering the perfect beagle that had everything we were looking for.  After having him for about two weeks, we decided to adopt him.  Watch for a future post for more details 🙂

Dog of the Week – Deputy Dog

Welcome to our first edition of the dog of the week! We will be featuring an adoptable dog each week to help get the word out about all of the wonderful dogs Last Hope has available for adpotion. If you see a featured dog that you would like to meet or adopt, please click here to fill out an adoption application.

Meet Deputy Dog!

Howdy, I’m Deputy Dog. That may sound like a cartoon character but I am a real dog. I got my name because I have a star on my chest, just like a badge. I may not be a cartoon, but I am a character. I have this uncanny ability to win everyone over. People want to hug me, just like Pluto at Disneyland, who I’m told is a cartoon character. I’m just a big, loveable beagle who likes everyone and everyone likes me. Take me anywhere and find out. I’m up to date on all my vaccinations and ready to patrol my own forever home. Come and meet me and I will arrest your heart.

Editor’s Note: I have a soft spot for beagles.  After writing this post, I may just snatch him up before anyone else takes him.  At least to foster…better move quickly 🙂