Prancer Got Her Wheels!

Thanks to a wonderful donor, Karin, we have secured a wheelchair for Prancer. A while back Karin found a wheelchair on clearance at PetCo. She snatched it up, just knowing it would be needed somewhere. She let her vet know that if someone needed one, she had it for them. Just our luck, the vet heard of our search for a wheelchair for Prancer. We made the connection and sure enough, it fits perfectly! Prancer gets around very well in her new ride and loves the freedom she gets. You may still find her lounging around the front desk at Cedar Run, but now, it’s after a long walk out in her new chair!

Karin, our donor, and Prancer in her new chair.

Karin, our donor, and Prancer in her new chair.

To those of you who donated financially towards Prancer’s new wheels… Thank you very much for your donation, your kindness and generosity is much appreciated. Since the money was not used towards a new wheelchair, we can use it as you see fit. If you have a preference as to how we use the funds, please email Julie at
Prancer does still have vet bills related to her condition and we are also still working towards covering Scarlet’s surgery.

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Prancer Needs Our Help!

Prancer has been with Last Hope since 2010. She’s holding out hope for a new home, but she has been pretty spoiled at Cedar Run Boarding. She’s definitely the princess there but it’s about time to take that a step further. 

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Prancer has a degenerative nerve disease and is losing feeling in her back and her hind legs. She is getting to the point where she has a hard time locating where her legs are at. These pictures were taken last summer. Since then she has gotten worse. Once she is out doors and gets going she does a better job, but she still has problems. She will sometimes do the splits, or simply plop down on her butt because she can’t go any further. Since she spends much of her time at Cedar Run indoors she is also carried around a lot. With the hard, slippery floors there she finds it even harder to get around. 

It’s time to get this princess her throne. Miss Prancer is ready for a wheel chair. We plan on purchasing from Eddies Wheels, who make wheel chairs just for dogs. The cost will likely be between $500 and $600.  Can you help to give this princess the mobility and independence that she deserves? Please donate here to help Prancer. If you donate by credit or debit card you can specify Prancer as the recipient.  If you can’t help please share with those who can.