Dogs of the Week: Pit Puppies!

We have a plethora of Pit Bull Terrier pups and we’re sure one would love to come home with you!

Pit Puppy 3

Pit Puppy 2We have ten American Pit Bill Terrier puppies up for adoption. They were born June 23rd and lost their mother when they were just 15 days old. There are five males and five females and all their pictures can be viewed HERE. They are not named so you get to name your puppy! These puppies will be between 50 and 70 pounds at maturity.

We are taking applications now and they will be released to adopters between September 1st and September 15th, when they are 10-12 weeks old. They will be adopted out without being Pit Puppy 7spayed/neutered, but you will be required to spay/neuter before six months of age and provide proof to Last Hope. They are all current on their shots.

For more information about them please contact Roxanne at Applications can be completed HERE.

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Three Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make

As a loving pet parent, keeping your dog healthy and safe is probably a priority. In certain situations, however, owners may not even realize they’re making a pet care mistake. Below are three common mistakes that can jeopardize your dog’s health or safety:

  1. Dog HarnessAllowing your dog to ride unsecured in the car. Allowing your dog the simple pleasure of riding shotgun with his head hanging happily out of the window may seem like no big deal, but this is a very dangerous practice. In an accident, unrestrained dogs are not only more likely to be injured, but they also represent a significant danger to the people riding in the car. Also, if your dog survives an accident, it is likely he will run away if he’s able to get out of the car. Keep car rides safe by using a secured crate or reliable restraint device.
  2. Walking your dog off-leash in an unsecured area. Unless you’re in a dog park or other secured area, walking your dog without a leash is a mistake. Even the most well-behaved dog can get distracted by a squirrel or another dog and ignore a recall command. Obviously, darting into the street is a dangerous situation that can turn tragic in an instant.
  3. Giving your dog medication meant for people. If your dog is in pain or not feeling well, your inclination may be to administer a low dose of a human medication. However, it’s extremely important to check with your veterinarian before doing so. Some human medications are downright dangerous for dogs. In other cases, there could be possible drug interactions of which owners might not be aware.

Like children, dogs depend on us for their lives and well-being. Be a good dog parent and avoid these common mistakes and you’ll all be happier.

(Taken from website HERE)

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Dog of the Week: Tasha


I’m Tasha, a 2 ½ year old 65 pound Rottweiler/German Shepherd mix looking for a long term forever relationship with a wonderful human. When you meet me you will see that my picture accurately represents me, I’m not a Pomeranian posing as a Rottweiler. My age and weight are the real me.

Tasha 2I am as adorable as my picture. Your looks or financial status are not important to me. I just want someone to love. I don’t care if you cheat on me with other dogs, our relationship does not have to be exclusive. I’m willing to share you with another dog. What is important to me is that you are willing to spend time with me. I enjoy playing, walks, and cuddling on the couch in front of the TV. I have no desire to control the remote and won’t whine about which program we watch.

I came to Last Hope from a shelter in Illinois. Compared to the shelter, Iowa is doggy heaven. I’ve got foster peeps, kids, dogs, and cats to play with. The only other thing a girl could ask for is a forever home. I’m spayed and up to date on my shots.

For more information about Tasha, please contact Roxanne at The adoption application can be completed HERE.

Tasha 3

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Volunteer of the Month – July 2014

Congratulations to our volunteer of the month: Michelle Severson!

VOTM JulyMichelle has been volunteering for Last Hope for a year and a half and in that time she has contributed so much. She started out keeping  foster dogs at her house for people who were on vacation and dogs between foster homes.

About a year ago she took in her first two fosters and she was hooked. Ricky and Lucy were a pair of very scared Pit Bull mixes. When Michelle picked up Ricky from Iowa Humane he couldn’t even walk he was so scared. He got settled in at her house and a few days later his sister came to live with them. Fostering them together helped with their rehabilitation and they learned to trust Michelle and grew in confidence and weight. They were with her for about nine months, but when they left they were both healthy and ready to move into their forever homes.

VOTMShe has been working with dogs and cats for over 25 years as a groomer, assistant trainer, and a kennel owner. She also fosters cats and kittens and helps with grooming the foster dogs at Last Hope. Michelle volunteers to work at some of the fundraisers and adoption events also.

She says she enjoys volunteering for Last Hope because she gets to hang out with like-minded animal lovers and to help unite people with their furry friends. She gets to use her gifts and talents in a very satisfying way, connecting people with just the right pet for their family.

VOTM 2Michelle is looking forward to being a part of the Last Hope family as we move into a very exciting time. She says, “We are growing as a rescue group and many positive changes are taking place. We are starting a foster training program that will help all of us become more confident and educated about how to   handle, train, and help rehabilitate our foster four-legged friends. We will also learn how to ensure a successful adoption from start to finish with confidence.”

Thank you, Michelle, for all you do for Last Hope and being excited about the changes we’re making!


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Why Microchip Your Pet?

Each year, thousands of lost and abandoned animals are taken in by shelters and humane societies across North America; some never make it home because they can’t be identified.

MicrochipCollar tags can break or become unreadable and tattooing can become illegible. So, if you want to improve your pet’s chances of getting home fast and safe in case it goes missing, microchipping is your best option.

Microchipping offers pet owners the security and peace of mind that comes from the only permanent identification technology and a safe and secure way to reunite you and your pet, via the Lost Pet Recovery Service.

Four Reasons to Microchip Your Pet:

  • Permanent pet identification
  • Best chance of recovering your pet
  • Quick and painless procedure
  • Lasts for your pet’s lifetime

Keep your pet safe and secure – microchip!

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Dog of the Week: Oliver

Oliver is a great dog in search of a great home to call his own …


Oliver could be the sweetest dog in the world! Even at just two years old, this terrier mix has the ability to adapt to all kinds of new Oliver 2homes. Now it’s Oliver’s turn to have his forever home.

He gets along well with all animals, excluding rabbits and squirrels (he loves to chase them!). He even loves cats and kittens. Oliver also adores people. If you have the time for a belly rub, Oliver has all the love in the world for you. He does not discriminate when it comes to people and he has been around all kinds (kids, women, men, teenagers, etc.). He may just need a few minutes to warm up to some men, but it doesn’t take long!

Oliver is completely house trained and knows how to tell you when it’s time to “go” within minutes of being in a new place. He even has great recall so if his new home does not have a fence he may just need some time on a lead to learn boundaries.Oliver 4

Oliver is the total package when it comes to a canine companion. He is super sweet, smart (knows the sit command), loves to cuddle, enjoys people and playing, and truly just wants to be a part of a family to call his own.

If Oliver sounds like just what you’ve been looking for, fill out an adoption application HERE. Oliver would love to meet you!

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